The Top Android Customization Apps

One of the best things to happen in this techno-age is the advent of Android. Developed by Google, the operating system has become one of the top favorites of people and the critics alike. Thanks to its customizable features, Android phones are now commonly used as a style statement and to depict the attitude of oneself. There are innumerable apps in the Google Play Store that can be used to customize the Android according to one’s will and some of them are listed below.

SPB Shell 3D:
People call it the next generation User Interface. The application is known to offer some sci-fi animations and navigation effects along with 3D widgets and smart folders. The home screen can be categorized into panels of specific functions that contain the widgets and icons related to its screen. Also, the app offers several convenient features such as application grouping, the ability of the application to sense the folder and name it automatically and much more. One of the best features of the app is the 3D widget, which sends out a three dimensional interactive menu that allows the people to view different time zones, a virtual 3D moon and messages. Definitely the best out there!
Best Android Customization Apps
This application is useful for those who feel monotonous about their pre-loaded ringtones and wishes to express their style every time their phone rings. The Myxer app allows the users to create a custom ringtone by selecting a song track from their music library. The trimming feature is the application’s specialty as it easily enables one to specify the start point and the end point of the track. Once done, they can cut it and save it as a ringtone. Simple! The users can also browse sections of songs edited by other users and download from over thousands of soundtracks directly to their device.

Wallpaper Changer:
As you guessed, this application can change the home screen wallpaper of your Droid device at a regular interval. The customization features offered by this app are the specification of the time interval and the manual selection of images from user gallery. This means people can specify the time limit of each wallpaper that appear and can even select the images from their memory card as they wish to see as wallpapers. Furthermore, the application is devoid of advertisements, does not run any background application and does not consume battery like the Live wallpaper.

GO Launcher EX:
The GO Launcher EX is considered to be one of the most cost effective alternatives to the conventional home screen. The application allows you to customize your home screen as you wish and offers a crash-free and smooth (Jelly Bean style) transition effects, a number of GO widgets, loads of quality themes, custom gesture functions and useful phone management features. The app also boasts of file-hide features and supports built-in image browser and music player. Go for it if you want a clean and neat home screen.

Analog Clock:
This application is for those who unlock their screens only to view the time. The application allows you to choose from over 42 different styles of analog clocks and select the one for your home screen. Furthermore, this application also showcases the capabilities of an alarm clock and comes for free! You can download this from –
So, these were some of the applications that are known for their customization features. So, choose an app that fits into your style and attitude, install them and show-off your device to your friends with some panache!

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