Can Jolla SailFish survive in the Android and iOS market?

Jolla’s Sailfish is the name of a new mobile Operating System (OS) that is all set to serve as a perfect alternative for the Android and iOS platforms. Jolla when translated in Finnish language means a small sailboat. This ambitious OS was developed by a team of ex-Nokia engineers who have hands-on experience of working on Nokia's N9 smartphone and the MeeGo OS.

Jolla SailFish OS
Complete details of Jolla SailFish OS have not been made public as yet. However, we managed to get to know more about this OS from official videos and a trailer. A closer look at this OS has been taken.

Why Jolla SailFish in the first place?
In a market that is dominated by Apple and Android users another Research In Motion’s (RIM’s) is working hard to regain its lost market share pinning its hopes on BlackBerry OS. BlackBerry fans are looking forward to the launch of BlackBerry 10. One more company who is all set to launch its new OS is a Finnish based organization Jolla Ltd also known as Jolla Mobile. This company takes credit for developing the Linux-based Sailfish OS for mobile devices.

What is Jolla SailFish?

This OS has many advantages. A few of them have been discussed.

Jolla SailFish is the perfect platform for multi-tasking
One look at the multi-tasking menu will leave you with a feeling that it resembles the Window’s multi-tasking menu. The menu displays individual cards of each application that is running on your device. You can make changes on the application that is up and running. To do so all you need to do is press and hold the respective tile app. The options for that particular tile will be displayed.

For example if you have songs playing on your phone and you wish to access the music control of the player, all you need do is for a few seconds press and hold the music tile. This will bring up the music control menu. You can pause, skip and rewind the track from the multi-tasking menu.

Owners of Nokia N9 devices which used Meego will be familiar with Jolla SailFish’s multi-tasking menu.

Jolla SailFish Pull Down Menu
Android and Apple device users will be happy with the features and benefits of the Pull Down Menu offers. However, Jolla SailFish’s Pull Down Menu will make you more than just happy. Firstly because of the fact that it offers an entirely new method of operation and lastly because it is user-friendly.

Jolla SailFish Lock Screen
As a Smartphone user a majority of us are frustrated with how items on the lock screen have been distributed. However, this lock screen from Jolla SailFish has gotten smarter. Here’s how. To achieve maximum display, this OS has completely taken off the display of battery life and signal indicator from the lock screen. This maximizes what is displayed on your devices screen. This means lock screen leaves you with more space.

Apart from these features this OS makes use of gesture controls amazingly well. Tap your phone’s screen two times will wake it up from sleep.

More information on how the Jolla SailFish OS will attempt to gain its share in the market.
• It is believed that the developers of this ambitious OS have plans to license it to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) devices.
• Manufacturing of Smartphones that will run on this platform is on the cards for the company.
• Developers of this OS will strike a revenue-sharing business deal with providers who introduce Jolla SailFish devices.
It is official that developers of this OS have established a partnership with one of China’s largest phone retailer to gain OS market share.

However, the million dollar question can Jolla SailFish survive in the Android and iOS market, only time can answer.
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