How to Play Online Cartoon Games on Android Phones

There are different ways to play online cartoon games on an Android phone; and indeed to watch cartoons online. One involves constant data use, which is a consideration for whoever pays the bill for the phone in question. The other involves downloading games and cartoons to a computer, then syncing them to the handheld device.

In some cases, online cartoon games can only be streamed. In these cases they should normally represent a minimal data load – though it is as well to find out before you get too heavily involved. Some sites have a wealth of online cartoon games for immediate play, plus a few available through an app store, which can be downloaded for free or bought.

Downloading online cartoon games represents a finite and knowable amount of data use – perfect for the person who is conscious of the amount he or she is using every month. By completely downloading a game in advance, it is also possible to play offline – and to ensure smooth gameplay. There’s no need to fear freezing or buffering (when you are watching cartoons online) if the whole thing is already in the memory of your Android phone.
It’s good practice with any phone media, to keep an eye on how much data you are filling your phone up with. Like any other device, a phone can become slow or unpredictable when it nears its data limit. The point of having software providing an environment to store media in on your computer, is that you only sync what you currently want to your phone and leave the rest at home.

Think of the phone as a takeaway environment and you get the picture. So when you watch cartoons online over the phone it’s a good idea to pre-package them in a media library on your PC and just take with you the ones you think you will watch.

In fact: remember when you used to take CDs away with you, to play in the car on a journey? It’s like that. You don’t take the whole library, just a few choice albums. When you have a handheld media device, you need to think in streamlined terms.

You can, of course, watch cartoons online through media streaming – which works just as well on a phone as it does on a laptop or PC, provided you have the right connection. Mobile phone connections, may the advertisers say what they may, are not yet good enough to reliably stream content.

For instance, 4G is supposedly coming – but if you read the small print it is only coming for home broadband and not for your mobile device when it is on the road. So if you wish to reliably watch cartoons online using that mobile device, it needs to be in range of a home broadband router for which you have the security codes.

Using the phone in this way is useful for data preservation as well. Catch up on your favourite shows from the comfort of your room while the TV is in use downstairs – and never miss another episode.

Author Bio:
Lisa is a freelance writer based in Denbighshire. Lisa has been a fan of the free cartoons online games for girls and boys. When not playing these games; you’ll usually find lisa reading a book.

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