Can Jolla SailFish survive in the Android and iOS market?

Jolla’s Sailfish is the name of a new mobile Operating System (OS) that is all set to serve as a perfect alternative for the Android and iOS platforms. Jolla when translated in Finnish language means a small sailboat. This ambitious OS was developed by a team of ex-Nokia engineers who have hands-on experience of working on Nokia's N9 smartphone and the MeeGo OS.

Jolla SailFish OS
Complete details of Jolla SailFish OS have not been made public as yet. However, we managed to get to know more about this OS from official videos and a trailer. A closer look at this OS has been taken.

Why Jolla SailFish in the first place?
In a market that is dominated by Apple and Android users another Research In Motion’s (RIM’s) is working hard to regain its lost market share pinning its hopes on BlackBerry OS. BlackBerry fans are looking forward to the launch of BlackBerry 10. One more company who is all set to launch its new OS is a Finnish based organization Jolla Ltd also known as Jolla Mobile. This company takes credit for developing the Linux-based Sailfish OS for mobile devices.

What is Jolla SailFish?

This OS has many advantages. A few of them have been discussed.

Jolla SailFish is the perfect platform for multi-tasking
One look at the multi-tasking menu will leave you with a feeling that it resembles the Window’s multi-tasking menu. The menu displays individual cards of each application that is running on your device. You can make changes on the application that is up and running. To do so all you need to do is press and hold the respective tile app. The options for that particular tile will be displayed.

For example if you have songs playing on your phone and you wish to access the music control of the player, all you need do is for a few seconds press and hold the music tile. This will bring up the music control menu. You can pause, skip and rewind the track from the multi-tasking menu.

Owners of Nokia N9 devices which used Meego will be familiar with Jolla SailFish’s multi-tasking menu.

Jolla SailFish Pull Down Menu
Android and Apple device users will be happy with the features and benefits of the Pull Down Menu offers. However, Jolla SailFish’s Pull Down Menu will make you more than just happy. Firstly because of the fact that it offers an entirely new method of operation and lastly because it is user-friendly.

Jolla SailFish Lock Screen
As a Smartphone user a majority of us are frustrated with how items on the lock screen have been distributed. However, this lock screen from Jolla SailFish has gotten smarter. Here’s how. To achieve maximum display, this OS has completely taken off the display of battery life and signal indicator from the lock screen. This maximizes what is displayed on your devices screen. This means lock screen leaves you with more space.

Apart from these features this OS makes use of gesture controls amazingly well. Tap your phone’s screen two times will wake it up from sleep.

More information on how the Jolla SailFish OS will attempt to gain its share in the market.
• It is believed that the developers of this ambitious OS have plans to license it to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) devices.
• Manufacturing of Smartphones that will run on this platform is on the cards for the company.
• Developers of this OS will strike a revenue-sharing business deal with providers who introduce Jolla SailFish devices.
It is official that developers of this OS have established a partnership with one of China’s largest phone retailer to gain OS market share.

However, the million dollar question can Jolla SailFish survive in the Android and iOS market, only time can answer.
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Top Accelerometer games for Android

Gaming on smartphones is seeing phenomenal growth these days fueled by the wider availability of cheaper smartphones on the Android platform. There are lots of games available out there which are suitable for any type of gamer. Games which can be played using the accelerometer can be very funny to play as the users don't need to tap any keys or touch the screen. The game can be played by just tilting the phone in the desired direction. Some of the best accelerometer games available for Android are:

Atilt 3D Labyrinth
Labyrinth is a classic game where the gamer controls a fast moving steel ball by tilting the phone (wooden labyrinth on the screen). The game checks the ability of the gamer to control the ball while rolling past obstacles like walls and holes on the screen. The game has 258 levels and the gamer can create and share his own levels online. The basic game is available free but has ads. A premium ad free version of the game is available for US$ 3.99.
free motion games for android
Falling Ball
Falling Ball is a simple game where the gamer has to just tilt the phone to the left or right to avoid dropping balls from hitting the 2D image on the screen. The game starts with a single ball falling down here and there. But, as the game progresses, the number of balls increases in the same limited space. This game is totally free.

Radio Ball 3D
Radio Ball 3D is a accelerometer controlled tunnel game. The game features a rolling uranium ball which is driven by radioactive waste. The gamer has to take the ball as far as he can and collect power-ups, perform combos, and escape or destroy the obstacles which are encountered in the middle. Gamers can post their scores online and compete with other gamers using Score loop. The price of the game is US$ 2.06.

Skies of Glory
Skies of Glory are a 3D accelerometer game which looks and feels very realistic and challenging. The game features lot of graphics and effects. The gamer has to control a flying plane while battling other planes, battle tanks, navy vessels, etc. This is basically a single player game. There is a chance to connect with other gamers online and convert it into a multi-player game. This game can be very addictive to gaming buffs. The price of this game is US$ 4.99.

B2 Stealth Bomber
This game is based on the gamer flying a B2 stealth bomber by moving the phone around. The B2 stealth bomber has different kinds of weapons and the gamer can launch rockets and bombs with a single tap. Unlike other games, this game is designed for infinite play, so the gamers can keep on flying around forever. The price of this game is US$ 1.

Raging Thunder 2
This is one of the most intense 3D racing games available for Android. The game is designed with stunning console-quality 3D graphics which greatly enrich the playtime experience. It has five single player modes and takes the gamer through vistas around the world like snow-capped mountains, the Great Wall, tropical beaches, etc. The price of this game is US$ 2.

About the author:
Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to Raul Gorrin Seguros La Vitalicia.

Sammy sold 30 million Galaxy S III already

Its obvious that Samsung Galaxy S III is the smartphone of 2012. And we eagerly are waiting to see how it strikes around the globe. It succeeds! Samsung announced that they already sold 30 million Galaxy S III devices around the world within the first 5 months of its release. The number includes the carrier specific versions offered in specific markets such as the United States, Japan, and Korea.

You can be certain that the number will jump forward in the next two months. Because the Christmas is coming and the price of the Galaxy S III is falling quickly. So be prepared to welcome your new Android baby sooner.
cheapest price of samsung galaxy s3 price

How to Play Online Cartoon Games on Android Phones

There are different ways to play online cartoon games on an Android phone; and indeed to watch cartoons online. One involves constant data use, which is a consideration for whoever pays the bill for the phone in question. The other involves downloading games and cartoons to a computer, then syncing them to the handheld device.

In some cases, online cartoon games can only be streamed. In these cases they should normally represent a minimal data load – though it is as well to find out before you get too heavily involved. Some sites have a wealth of online cartoon games for immediate play, plus a few available through an app store, which can be downloaded for free or bought.

Downloading online cartoon games represents a finite and knowable amount of data use – perfect for the person who is conscious of the amount he or she is using every month. By completely downloading a game in advance, it is also possible to play offline – and to ensure smooth gameplay. There’s no need to fear freezing or buffering (when you are watching cartoons online) if the whole thing is already in the memory of your Android phone.
It’s good practice with any phone media, to keep an eye on how much data you are filling your phone up with. Like any other device, a phone can become slow or unpredictable when it nears its data limit. The point of having software providing an environment to store media in on your computer, is that you only sync what you currently want to your phone and leave the rest at home.

Think of the phone as a takeaway environment and you get the picture. So when you watch cartoons online over the phone it’s a good idea to pre-package them in a media library on your PC and just take with you the ones you think you will watch.

In fact: remember when you used to take CDs away with you, to play in the car on a journey? It’s like that. You don’t take the whole library, just a few choice albums. When you have a handheld media device, you need to think in streamlined terms.

You can, of course, watch cartoons online through media streaming – which works just as well on a phone as it does on a laptop or PC, provided you have the right connection. Mobile phone connections, may the advertisers say what they may, are not yet good enough to reliably stream content.

For instance, 4G is supposedly coming – but if you read the small print it is only coming for home broadband and not for your mobile device when it is on the road. So if you wish to reliably watch cartoons online using that mobile device, it needs to be in range of a home broadband router for which you have the security codes.

Using the phone in this way is useful for data preservation as well. Catch up on your favourite shows from the comfort of your room while the TV is in use downstairs – and never miss another episode.

Author Bio:
Lisa is a freelance writer based in Denbighshire. Lisa has been a fan of the free cartoons online games for girls and boys. When not playing these games; you’ll usually find lisa reading a book.

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