Android Apps and Games to try in 2013

This New Year 2013, brings you lots of surprises and good things that‘s going to make you more exciting. And the surprises come in the form of great latest apps for android phones. Here is a list of best apps that are going to be handy for everyone and a couple of super fun games to entertain you this year, no matter where you are.

1. Google Maps
Google map is an android app that helps you to explore your world with 3D maps. It makes use of GPS technology and shows you where you are and how to reach your destination. You can get voice-guided - turn-by-turn driving directions. It also keeps you informed of the estimated time to your destination based on current traffic info. It provides you with the user ratings and reviews that help you to choose the best restaurant or shopping mall. This is one of the best applications for a free download.

2. Prey
Prey is an open source android app that promises to protect your phone from theft. In case of theft, the app’s GPS service deactivates the device and also informs you if the SIM card is replaced.

3. Ezee SMS Collection for Android
Say it is your mom’s birthday, and you think of asking your friend to forward you a birthday message so that you could send it to your mom. There is no guarantee that this message from your friend is of quality. Intelli apps brings you the EZEE app which is a collection of almost 60000 messages from more than 70 categories. This app is totally free and keeps your android phone updated with the latest text messages.

4. Any.DO
Any.DO is a handy app that lets you perform your tasks in an easy and organized way. All you need to do is add the things to be done to the list and once you have completed the task, you can just swipe over it to show that they are completed and those tasks are pushed to the bottom of the list. You can also add any task to the list by just speaking it and the app will type the task and includes it in the list. Thus this app helps you in remembering all important tasks and also in performing better.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry birds has become the most popular software that has been installed on millions of handsets worldwide. One of the interesting things that accounts for its popularity is its simplicity. With the Android’s touch screen technology, Angry birds’ players need not master any controls. This game does not contain any instructions and is even easy for a child to play. The only thing you need to operate the catapult is your finger. So join the angry birds with their legendary adventure.
The action is pumped up to make you experience the challenge in an environment of star wars.

6. Score Mobile for Android
Score mobile is an amazing handy app that provides scores, box sores, recaps, top news stories and schedules of your favorite sports and tournaments including CFL, NFL, NBA, and so on. Its real time alerts keep you informed of game changing updates, analysis from the blogs from, ends of quarters and periods, commentary and other key moments. If you are a sports nut, you must have this free download.

7. TV Guide Mobile for Android
TV Guide is another interesting app that lets you have access to all your favorite local TV channels no matter in which corner of the globe you are. All you need to do is provide your location and TV provider and in no time you can easily access your favorite programs. You can also set reminders for your favorite shows and catch the thrilling entertainment.

So download these apps to ease your way and enhance your smart phones further.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes for York Prep. Find here her contribution for York Prep.

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