Polaroid launches 7 & 10-inch Android Tablets

Polaroid, which is popular for manufacturing cameras and eyewear accessories, has decided to reinvent itself in this century. At the world popular CES 2013, Polaroid announced the launch of a pair of tablets known by the name M7 and M10. Both tablets have already become talk of the town for their mind blowing features. They are considered to deliver a ‘wonderful performance’ at ‘less cost.’ The prices at which Polaroid introduced these tablets were well received by the consumers.

Polaroid M7
The frontal design of the tablet looks pretty impressive. The backend of the tablet looks attractive to the eyes. It has black and red combination giving a matte look to the tablet.

The M7 is a 7 inch tablet powered with Android’s Jelly Bean operating system. It is featured with a dual-core processor and 8GB of internal storage for performing and storing daily activities. The internal storage capacity can be upgraded when required. Polaroid M7 sports a front-facing camera of 2 mega pixels, which is perfect for video chats; however, the tablet lacks a rear-facing camera. The 7 inch screen delivers a decent resolution of 1280/800p. Polaroid M7 also comes with other usual features including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a slot for Micro SD card. M7 is a Google Certified gadget with the popular Google Maps, Google Play Store and other Google related software.

Experts have concluded that Polaroid has built an excellent tablet, at a wonderful price. This tablet has already caught the attention of many by its price. This gadget is priced at just $129. Polaroid M7 will be a tough competitor for tablets like Kindlefire, Nexus 7, Nook and iPad Mini.

Polaroid M10
The frontal design of the M10 tablet is very similar to its sibling except for the difference in size and back panel. A single glance at the back cover of M10 will make you think that you are looking at stainless steel. It is made to look strong and to withstand scratches and bruises. The back cover of M10 is made of aluminum giving it a classy look.

The M10 sports a Quad-core processor with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. It is featured with 16GB of expandable memory, a slot for micro SD card and an HDMI port. M10 is built-in with a 2MP camera in front and a 5MP shooter at the back. This tablet sports a 10 inch High Definition screen, which is a delight to the eyes.
Polaroid M10 also comes with usual features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is featured with a 7,800 mAh battery, which can last for a longer time. M10 will make its debut in the market at a price of just $229.

Both the tablets are expected to hit the market during the spring season of 2013. Polaroid has made several announcements in the past and failed to deliver tablets with the promised pixels. Hope, this time around they launch M7 and M10 with the pixels mentioned in CES.

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