The Galaxy S4 is coming - Prepare yourselves

You've got to hand it to Samsung - for a company that has to manufacture Apple's Retina Displays without being allowed to put them to use itself, they've created some wonderful first-party hardware. The Samsung Galaxy series has always stood as an example of everything a user could want from a smartphone - good battery life, a great screen, good apps, high-quality build, and the specs to hold it all together.

Now, they've announced their latest opus - the Samsung Galaxy S4. The successor to the extremely popular Galaxy S3, the S4 offers a considerable array of features that is going to turn the heads of those who would otherwise be solely focused on the iPhone or HTC One. Forbes has gone as far as to suggest that "amazing" is the ideal word to use when describing the phone, stating that "you could argue that the worst aspect of the S4′s launch in New York last week was the way Samsung under-sold the phone."

It's even being pitched as a competitor not just to other handsets, but even consoles, as its connectivity with televisions and considerable specs offering the phone up as a worthy rival to the next Playstation and Xbox. While it's unlikely it will offer console-level triple-A experiences such as the likes of Call of Duty it will certainly hold its own as mobile gaming becomes increasingly popular when compared to the more traditional means of enjoying games.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also presents itself as a device that can show itself on the various devices around your house - not just your television, but your computer, even paying for things when you're out via contactless payment. This is further evidence that other tools and devices are becoming increasingly irrelevant to modern consumers, as smartphones keep adding more blades into their digital Swiss Army knife.

The S4 also takes a fair few steps towards the future of technology, with features like SmartPause. Look away from the screen while watching a video, and the phone will actually pause playback, resuming when it detects that your attention is once more directed at its screen. This isn't just a neat feature - this is a clear sign that Samsung are helping lead the way in the advancement of technology that moulds itself to the needs of the consumer, rather than the consumer having to conform to the limits of the hardware.

Samsung has seen the playing field, and strode onto it wearing gear that hasn't even been thought of by the other teams. From a luxury technology manufacturer in the smartphone field to one of the most popular companies to ever sell smartphones, Samsung's Galaxy S-series is a product of a company standing firmly at the forefront of innovation. Other brands are going to start having to take this company seriously - it no longer needs to copy the rivals. If anything, current market leaders may just end up taking pointers from Samsung instead.

Author Bio: Jaime Wills often talks about the app store, computer art, music and updates from industry leaders like O2 and Apple. She is also a keen motorsports fan and she also maintains a passion for books.

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