Top Organizer Apps for Android in 2013

Gone are the days when people carried physical personal calendars, planners, journals, etc. to compile notes, make to-do lists, and make sure that all their plans and appointments are properly organized. Most of the planning and organizing activities these days are done by apps on smartphones. There are lot of organizer apps available for Android, but many of them are clunky and selecting the right app which suits to your needs can be challenging. Below is the list of top organizer apps for Android in 2013:

Even though it is not a calendar or day-planner application, evernote has become an indispensable productivity tool for many people who use Android smartphones. Evernote is a note taking app through which you can take notes, organize them, and set reminders for future execution. Apart from using the physical or virtual keypads on the smartphones, you can also use your voice to record a note. Evernote syncs with multiple devices you may be using like Android smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The data is also stored on the cloud so that it could be accessed on any other device at any time. The basic version of the app is free while a premium version with additional features will cost you US$ 5 per month.

Jorte is a unique organizer app with the old personal organizer design. The app is designed in such a way that it gives the look and feel of the real paper schedulers of yesterday. Jorte allows you to toggle between the daily, weekly, and monthly views so that you can get best of all worlds at the same time. You can also sync with your Google calendar using Jorte. This powerful app can be customized in innumerable ways and it is very easy to set it up and learn. Jorte is a totally free app.

Astrid is a organizer app for Android devices which lets you to create and share lists with others. The killer feature of Astrid which sets it apart from other organizer apps is its ability to share things. For people working on a group assignment, Astrid lets you to delegate tasks to multiple participants. Lists created on Astrid can be linked to other people by just entering their email addresses in the app and by suggesting tasks which they can accept or decline. Astrid is available for both Android and for Google Chrome browser so that you can use it on multiple devices. Astrid app has a very colorful and welcoming interface to create different kinds of to-do lists which are complete with levels of importance, due dates, etc. The basic version of this app is free while the premium version costs US$ 1.

Google Tasks
Google tasks in another important organizer app for Android right from the Google's stable. The beauty of Google Tasks is that it can be easily integrated with Google's key products like Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, etc. You can write your notes in a Gmail or other Google applications in your PC and simply sync them later to your Android device. The app is pretty simple and easy to use. Even though it doesn't have many of the high end features available in other apps which are listed above, it is good for people who regularly use multiple Google accounts everyday. This app is totally free for users.

Remember the Milk
Remember the milk is one of the simple yet powerful best task management tools available for Android. Remember the Milk app's brilliance lies in its scalability. The app can be used for both simple tasks like storing your grocery lists as well as for performing complex tasks like storing your project to-do lists. This app syncs with many other Android organizer apps seamlessly and can also be useful to setup reminders for recurring tasks. Remember the Milk is completely free but come with ads.

aCalendar is a free organizer app for Android which gives a great weekly view of events. Each event or note stored in the app can be given a different color with a total of 48 colors available per each calendar. The events and notes stored in the app can be shared with other devices through latest technologies like QR barcodes and NFC. Apart from being completely free, this app doesn't has any ads.
Having a good organizer app on your smartphone is absolutely necessary and helpful as most of the organizing tasks by the users are now done on smartphones. The above listed apps can fulfill the needs of most Android users.

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