The Motorola RAZR i Android phone review

One of the best mid ranged smartphones currently available, the RAZR i can be found with monthly contracts for under £20, with the handset itself costing just over £300. The main distinction of the RAZR i comes via its processing power, as well as its impressive screen size for its cost. The RAZR i, which represents part of an ongoing comeback by Motorola, has also been updated in the past few months to Android Jelly Bean, and is a solid contender for being one of the most cost effective phones on the market right now; this is due both to the current price, and to the power it delivers through a cutting edge processor.

The RAZR i is the only smartphone to have Intel’s 2 GHz Atom Medfield processor, which means that the phone is able to deliver outstanding speeds for its size. Other striking features of the RAZR i include its 4.3 inch edge to edge screen, making the phone comparable to larger handsets. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass and kevlar backing. At 122.5 x 60.9 x 8.3mm, the RAZR i is also surprisingly thin and light for the power that it generates.

In terms of adding in Jelly Bean, the OS performance of the RAZR i is slick enough to make the smartphone capable of running multiple apps and HD videos, while Jelly Bean updates like Android to Android device compatibility represents a useful touch. The RAZR i comes with 1GB of RAM, and the option of 8GB of storage; you can also make use of a 32 GB detachable microSD card, which will bring the phone’s the storage capacity up to 40 GB.

The interface for the RAZR i delivers a solid Android experience, with Motorola adding in its own widgets in a relatively unobtrusive way; you can also make use of some impressive features like SmartActions for moving between different apps. Special features for the RAZR i include the phone vibrating when you unlock it; users can similarly benefit from a slick call interface and strong voice recognition.

In terms of cameras, you get an 8 MP front facing, and a VGA rear facing camera, meaning that you get a decent 960 x 540 pixel resolution for the former; while this doesn’t put the RAZR i into the top tier of camera smartphones, it does mean that you get some effective features like HDR and multi shot, albeit without much detail in low light, or with self portraits. Video playback is similar, although you do get some well designed zoom options when shooting scenes.

With a 2,000 mAH battery, the RAZR i also has a decent talk time range, and can run for a day on charge if you avoid using WiFi and Bluetooth too much. In this way, the Motorola RAZR i represents a solid smartphone for anyone looking for a lower cost alternative to the current big hitters from Apple and Samsung. The recent update to Jelly Bean has only reinforced the performance of this mid range smartphone.

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