Here is my 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello everyone. How are you? I have been using Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB white model for the last six months. So I am here to share my device’s condition with you. First of all I wanna say you that I am not using any screen protector and cover/casing for my S3. Because I love my phone’s beauty. So don’t find any reason to hide it. I am over confident with the front Gorilla Glass 2 and cheap plastic Samsung used on the back. Please click on the image to view it in full size.
So here’s my phone for you. There are only 3 minor scratch in my phone’s display which are visible in any camera’ eye I have in my house. So I can assure you that those 3 are nothing.

There is absolutely no dent on my phone’s edge. It’s totally clean and fine. There’s nothing to complain here. The things you are seeing is the dust over my phone. As I live beside road so it’s always dusty!

Now look as the back. There are some scratches there but you can’t see those unless you look very closely to the device. It’s the main advantages of plastic back. Both dust and scratch are not find the back of S3 very useful! But there are some fading in the back. Because most of the time I hold phone to my sweaty hand it’s not very surprising to me. Because all the gadgets I am using have the same issue. So if you have same problem like then try to avoid any white color device.

Now about button and lens. I have no complaint about Samsung Galaxy S3 camera lense, home button, volume/power button. The earpiece, microphone and speaker still working flawlessly!

So here are my thoughts-
I never gonna go for aluminium if there is a plastic alternative available. Because they look marvellous at the store. But after few days of use they look ugly. And using those device without protection is still science fiction. So Samsung Galaxy S4 is the perfect Android gadget out there for me no matter HTC One or Sony Xperia Z look amazing beside S4. And if Galaxy S3 price is your higher limit then you must consider it. Because it may be a year old but it is still a great performer.

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