Price of Google Nexus phones and tablets in Bangladesh

Last Updated: 06 February 2017

If you are not aware of that Google is the brain power behind the Android mobile platform developments and Nexus is the exclusive lineup by Google for Android devices, then we must know the truth now (Because I just told you!). Google Nexus is a line of mobile devices using the Android operating system produced by Google in conjunction with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner. Devices in the Nexus series do not have manufacturer or wireless carrier modifications to Android such as custom graphical user interfaces and have an unlockable bootloader to allow further development and end-user modification. Similarly as Motorola is now a Google owned company i included the price of Moto series phones here.

Price of Nexus Android phones in Bangladesh

The Nexus line is designed to be the premier hardware for Google's Android platform. The promise is that upgrades come sooner. So many heavyweight users are always like to test devices like nexus all around the world. Due to the lack of advertisements and supply Nexus devices are not very popular in Bangladesh yet. But it does not mean the device is not available. Almost all the Nexus devices are on sale in various stores around Dhaka city. But there are two serious problems in those products. Number one they have no warranty and number two price of the devices are very high here comparing with other countries.

No matter if you are interested to buy these products in Bangladesh then I am sure that the following price list must be helpful for you. i will try to update the list regularly. If you find any price backdated then mention it in the comment field. I will definitely correct any error ASAP. Keep in mind that all these prices are applicable for warranty less products. There is no authorized distributor of Nexus phones in Bangladesh.

Google Pixel 32GB Tk 58,000/-
Google Pixel 128GB Tk 68,000/-
Google Pixel XL 32GB Tk 74,000/-
Google Pixel XL 128GB Tk 85,000/-
Moto G4 16GB Tk 24,000/-

Below models might be unavailable -
Moto G 8GB Tk 18,900/-
Moto G 8GB Dual SIM Tk 19,900/-
Moto G 16GB Tk 20,900/-
Moto G 16GB Dual SIM Tk 21,900/-
Nexus 5 32GB Tk 37,900/-
Nexus 5 16GB Tk 33,900/-
Nexus 4 8GB Tk 24,000/-
Nexus 4 16GB Tk 27,000/-
Nexus 4 16GB White Tk 28,500/-
Nexus 7 2013 32GB LTE Tk 32,900/-
Nexus 7 2013 16GB WiFi Tk 22,500/-
Nexus 7 2013 32GB WiFi Tk 26,500/-
Nexus 10 2012 32GB WiFi Tk 45,000/-

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