Quick Review: LG Optimus F7

The Optimus F7 is another mid-range phone launched by LG in their ‘F’ series. LG is aiming for Smartphone users who don’t have a budget for expensive phones but also don’t want to compromise performance.

The phone measures 5.19” tall, 2.69” wide, and 0.38” thick. It doesn’t have that ‘cutting-edge’ design but it’s not something you would call ‘ugly’ either. The front of the phone sports a 4.7” display with the earpiece, sensors and front camera above it and the mouthpiece, home button and capacitive buttons below it. At the back is an 8MP camera with autofocus but no flash and the speaker.

The 4.7” display is a True HD IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with light and proximity sensors. It boasts a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The resolution is more than enough for the display not to be stretched out, resulting in a pixel density of 312ppi. Viewing angles are great and touch responsiveness is solid. Although it’s True HD, it’s not as sharp as the displays that top-tier phones have but it isn’t bad for a mid-range phone.

LG Optimus F7 unlocked price

At the back of the phone is an 8MP camera while at the front is a 1.3MP camera. The rear camera has autofocus but no flash. That means that although it’s an 8MP shooter, you can’t expect it to perform well in places with little light available. The front camera can be used for taking quick self-portraits or for video conversations with family and friends. One only needs to acquire a VoIP service from trusted third party providers like RingCentral.

Powering the F7 is a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. It runs on Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean with LG making some tweaks with the UI. There’s an 8GB worth of internal storage which is expandable up to 32GB through a MicroSD card if you want more space. There’s also 2GB of RAM whereas other mid-range phones only have 1GB. In terms of performance, the phone is snappy and responsive.

One feature found on LG’s top-tier phones which can also be found on the F7 is the Q Slide. Basically, it allows you to run two different applications at the same time. You can choose to run them side-by-side or have one on top of the other, with the other appearing slightly transparent. The one on the F7 is an updated version of that feature which works seamlessly with the browser, calculator, memo, calendar and the video player.

It terms of connectivity, the F7 can connect to Wi-Fi and can share that connection to multiple devices through Wi-Fi Hotspot. It has LTE but no NFC. If you want to share or get files from another device, you can do so through Bluetooth. In case you have files on your computer that you want to have also on the F7, you can do it through the micro USB port.

The 2540mAH battery should be able to last a full day in one charging. The resolution may be high but the processor is not a fast one, so that definitely helps increase the battery life. In addition, it’s removable, so in case you’re on the road and you suddenly run on empty, you can just swap it with a spare battery.

With decent specs and a considerably affordable price tag, the Optimus F7 will certainly turn some heads in the Smartphone market. There might be some tough competition ahead of it but it does have enough under its hood to do well enoug.

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