How to find great apps for your Android

So you now have a mobile device and you want to load it up with apps that can entertain you and make your life easier. Of course the App Store is the best place to start looking for the best software for your device, but it actually isn’t a very reliable way to search apps and such.
You can conceivable get the most popular apps for your needs, but you don’t get the comprehensive search list of all the apps that you can choose from. What’s more, the information on the app that’s listed on the store is straight from the developer or publisher so you really can’t be sure about the features and the other functions of the app.

So how do you find great apps?
The best people to tell you about apps are the users. So you should go to the online community to find out what tech-savvy people have on their devices. Just make sure that the content of the app recommendations are neutral and unbiased, or at least offer you more than one view or use of an app.

You can tell how a site or article gives a good and honest review if they show more than one app under a category. For example, if the site just shows RingCentral as the only app in the category, then it might be steering you to a purchase. If the app shows other choices for a VoIP service client then it’s offering an unbiased view. Make sure that the note-taking category shows more than Evernote and the instant messaging client shows imo and other apps. Unless the site is offering an extensive review of an app, then it’s probably steering you to buy that one app.

Great ways to find these apps are to:

1. Search for top lists
Top lists for apps are a great way to see which app in a category is best for you. Granted, there are tons of app lists out there, but being specific is actually a good thing here. Tech sites understand how user experience and small features like display, interface and syncing capabilities can affect a purchase. Top lists that feature at least 5 apps of the same category are a great way for you to choose the one that’s right for you.

2. Look for unbiased app reviews
How do you now that an app review is unbiased? Usually, app reviews should hit some salient points about apps. If they’re reviewing a writing app, interface, sync capabilities and fonts are very important. If the app on the chopping block is a game, then it should talk about the balance, playability, replay value and bugs concerning the game.

3. Look for lists of apps with ratings
Some tech-savvy sites that want a lot of traffic give independent ratings for all the new and popular apps on any App Store. Don’t trust the ratings on the App Store since some sites offer premiums for people who take the time to rate or comment on their app, especially if the user gives 5-star ratings. Some independent tech sites give actual ratings over a few criteria that can apply to all apps.

4. Check the app stores regularly
Mobile app development is a rapidly-growing industry that has intense competition. This means that apps are always being published. Always check whatever app store you’re using to see if there are great new apps that are better than the ones you currently use.
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Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. And how these smartphones and other Voip Service Provider like RingCentral, can help change our life. You can reach her through Facebook and Twitter

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