Need a Travel Buddy?

What is on your bucket list? Perhaps to say it straight, what do you want to do before you die? A lot of people would say, well actually, most of the people would say that they want to travel around the world.

Our ultimate dream—travel around the world
Travelling seems to be on top of the list. Everyone would want to travel and set foot on a different land. People are created to move around and explore new places, meet different people, and experience all sorts of things.

However, travelling requires not just time but of course material resources. One can get it going though with just a few pennies, but this takes might. So for those who just want to make sure that their travel experience is planned carefully with hotel reservations or tours ready, there are in fact many ways to ensure this. Yes, there are online websites working to help an individual travel with surety, however, hotel reservations and tours are sort of costly not to mention the air fare which is of course the most important part one needs to pay. So now, for those who want security in travel but would not want to spend too much money, there is a website that is just right for you!

Ever heard of CouchSurfing? This is a website that lets you build your connections throughout the world; this lets you meet other people from different nations. The very essence of it is for you to have a buddy once you travel abroad. For instance, you meet a person from India and you build some sort of friendship online, then you decided to travel to the said country, he or she will offer his or her couch for you to sleep on. Through CouchSurfing, you get a home to stay at as you travel to places. Of course in return, you offer yours to others as well as a host.

The online community is called community for a reason, there are relationships built within its virtual realm, who could have known that the worldwide web can offer such service like this? However, CouchSurfing has a downside especially for those who have trust issues. It is then not easy to trust just anyone; hence, it is advised to trust only those who give much information about themselves. Below are ways to help you increase your security and trust:
• Manage your personal references. This means that you can ask a friend, a relative or an agency to leave a testimonial at your profile. He or she should commend that you are trustworthy.
• You can opt to make use of a credit card verification system on where you can get some sort of “trust seal” at your profile. You just have to pay for it though. This is also where CouchSurfing gets its revenue.
• You can also be vouched by other members whom you have met through the site. This increases your trust ranking as well.
So if you have gone Couch Surfing but have not decided yet if you would want to offer your couch or accept any offers from others, then maybe try utilizing Skype or Yahoo Mail. This way, you can actually see whom you have built connections with and can sort of personally meet him or her. But aside from CouchSurfing, travelling with surety can also be made possible by calling, video chatting, and sending text and voice messages to your contacts anywhere in the world for free or at low costs, as in the case of the RingCentral VoIP service.

The virtual realm of the Internet had built its own world open to people of all races. We can say that the Internet can guarantee a safe and effective avenue for travel, and yes, a fully accomplished bucket list!
Author’s bio:
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts. And how these smartphones and other Voip Service Provider like RingCentral, can help change our life. You can reach her through Facebook and Twitter

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