Touch-native Remote Desktop offered by Parallel Access for iPad

One of the biggest rivals of VMware, Parallel unveiled a new app that offers its own software that virtualizes Mac machines and Windows to a new device: the iPad. This shift draws into the larger trends we have been witnessing among business ventures that adopt tablets as the more convenient replacement for laptops and as well as IT consumerization where employees utilize their tablets to enhance their work PC to beat their work deadline while on the move.

Birger Steen, Parallels CEO said that with Parallel Access, users can swipe, tap and pinch around Windows and Mac applications to eventually become more productive at work while remain being connected. He further said that because people are always on the go, the need to access their data and application while away from their PC becomes more and more increasing thus the move by the company to offer the product via iPad.

Priced at $79.99 for 1 year subscription each for 1 device, the application offers the following features:

App Launcher. This feature efficiently allows the applications and files on the virtual machine come into sight like a set of apps on the home screen of your iPad. To launch, you just need to tap them.

App Switcher. This feature gives you the ability to create a dock that vanishes from sight when you’re not utilizing it. Other apps can occupy its spot when it is not in use for easy swapping.

Gestures. The same with other Parallels virtualization software, you can utilize the assorted devices that are a portion of the desktop apps that you use. Apart from this, Parallels has also built a feature that efficiently applies the gestures that you are familiar with on the iPad to the virtualized files. For instance, you can simply choose words on your home screen with your finger and pull them. You can do the same actions in copying and pasting just like what you do with other iOS apps. Double tapping the icon will make it zoom, and scrolling around documents is similar with what you do with an iPad-native page. It also offers that ability to expand all the pages into full-screen mode as well.

Keyboard. The keyboard functions just like an ordinary iOS keyboard, but shortcuts that port the whole of the keyboard has been incorporated by Parallels. When editing an Excel document or a PowerPoint presentation, the same action can be used just as the same with virtual machine.

With more and more business enterprises opting for tablets as substitute for laptops for roaming, consumers and workers alike are into buying tablets to be utilized as their second computers. Parallels Access has made tablets extremely useful, and underscores just how versatile iPAd tablets can be. Parallels might possibly be looking forward to support other platforms like windows 8 and Android.

How does it work?
This application might be making iPad not only a great gaming and leisure toll but also to get the work done. Parallels Access is also the same company that is behind the Mac the well known program that offers the possibility for the users to run Windows program on their Apple computers. Parallels appropriates the programs that users are already using on their desk tops and amplifies them or optimizing them to also work on iPad the same way they work on desktops and PCs.

This is made by Parallels Access by linking with the agents that a user installs on his computer in order to gain an entry into their files and their programs using their tablet. For the application to work a user must leave his computers on and still hooked up to the Internet. The annual subscription of $79.99 is reasonable for those who want to multiply their workload. Included in the price is a powerful tool for professional users.

This powerful innovation will make Apple’s tablet rivals to grasp for air as this is the first of its kind among tablet products. As Parallels Access made it possible for iPad users to run programs such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Final Cut and any other kind of desktop apps that come to mind, iPad is now standing high above the rest.

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro earlier this year, a tablet that has the ability to run the same type of software just like any type of Windows computer do. A little but more costly than Parallels Access, the introductory price for this device is $900. Nevertheless, it has the promise of presenting better productivity than the iPad.

But economically speaking a user may just consider buying the cheapest iPad for $329 then load it with the Parallels Access for $79.99 and presto, they will enjoy the same features offered by Surface Pro for a much lower cost of only around $410.

The author is a reviewer of gadgets and apps in an IT company. He also works as a consultant for several IT related organizations. He is also a contributing writer to

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