Latest Galaxy S5 rumor: Sony may provide 16MP camera for S5

We just saw Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last month but it seems that the event only fired the rumor mill for next galaxy flagship device, Galaxy S5. We already heard lots of thing but we have no idea whatever is coming next. Now according to ETNEws Sony and Samsung LSI are prepping themselves for a bidding war to become the main supplier of the camera, which according to sources is a 16MP sensor.

Samsung LSI has that ISOCELL technology to give it an edge as well as optical image stabilization, but that's only available in a 13 MP module for now. There's also the fact that Samsung LSI is part of Samsung itself so it has better connections around the Mobile division. But we all have to admit that Sony has truly an extraordinary touch to make camera sensors works. So don’t forget about that part of the equation.

There are few other rumors in the market. First concerning the CPU, which is said to be 64-bit octa-core Exynos. We've heard about this chipset before and is said to be a 14nm Exynos 6. 4 GB of RAM is also mentioned, but that sounds more like a wishlist than actual insider information. We also heard about rugged Galaxy S5 too. So hope for the best!

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