The Smarter Cog! Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony Smartwatch 2

It’s still early days in the Smart Watch world. After last year Sony released their first Smart Watch without any real competition from others this year is different. With Sony SmartWatch 2 in the shop, users can now compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Gear which is a strong contender too, running a specially tweaked version of Android powered by an 800MHz processor. Samsung designs the Galaxy Gear to do more than help you get fit. So, how does it compare to its Sony rival? We take a look at the specs and brought you all the information you need to see which watch we'd give the time of day, and which we'll soon consign to the back of a drawer.

What are the benefits of Galaxy gear over Sony smart watch 2013
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Sony SmartWatch 2 has a 1.6-inch screen with a Mirasol transflective display. Transflective displays are a combination of eInk and LCD making it one of the most powerful and efficient display technologies in the market. It uses both ambient light and backlight for a brighter color intensity and better performance with less power consumption.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear exhibits a Super AMOLED display, which is more powerful and proficient than a regular LCD screen. This device focuses on the highest resolution as compared to the similar line of gadgets. efficient than a regular LCD, especially if the UI is heavy on dark colors because it only lights up pixels that are in use, and full black means the pixel isn't used at all. It has a resolution of 320x320 pixels, and Sony SmartWatch 2 has a resolution of 220x176.

Samsung Galaxy Gear takes a point here.

The Smartwatch 2 comes with dimensions of 9mm x 42mm x 41mm and the Samsung Galaxy Gear with 11mm x 37mm x 57mm which means the SmartWatch 2 is quite smaller than the Galaxy Gear, but it loses point at the weight difference. The Smartwatch 2 weighs 122 gram whereas Samsung galaxy gear weighs on 74 grams.

Software and features
Both Galaxy Gear and SmartWatch 2 run customized Android software.

Samsung gifts its users with 70 apps on the watch but this is nothing in comparison to what Sony has to give in. It has about 400 apps available for its SmartWatch.

Sony's SmartWatch allocates for deeper reading of Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook messages than Galaxy Gear.

Galaxy Gear also has superfluous features like a built-in pedometer app, and Smart Relay, which helps transferring your activities from Gear to your Smartphone. The Gear is much more functional that the Smartwatch as it is capable of taking calls, initiating calls, taking photos and videos and majorly you can use S voice for sending voice messages across various applications.

Samsung Gear is compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 at launch, and if the Samsung Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II are upgraded to the latest software even they are compatible with this device.

On the other hand, the Sony SmartWatch 2 will work with any Android device running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher

Battery life
Samsung Gear can provide up to 25 hours straight up on the functionality front. On the other side, Sony can survive for three or four days in normal use.

Besides from the reasonable price tag, options for changeable wrist straps, better battery life, the Sony SmartWatch 2 has the benefit of being the only device that isn't a first generation product making it unique and experienced in its own way.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has the most number of features with a great potential to perform wonderfully well only with a Samsung Smartphone it is not worth without a Samsung Smartphone. So make a purchase considering this factor in account too. The battery life of Samsung Gear is far inferior as compared to Smartwatch 2, with the limited options of compatibility devices.
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