Nokia Lumia 1520 is now just $50 on contract

Judging by Nokia 1520 performance and age, it’s obviously awesome news to those of you based in the US is that the phablet is now available for the tempting $50 on contract through Amazon. But AT&T is your only option if you want to spend $50 only. That’s quite a lot of savings to be had if you don’t mind going with it. With the handset still costing $200 on contract on AT&T that is a tremendous saving on what is the most high-end Windows Phone so far. The handset costs $629 commitment-free.

Best AT&T deal for Nokia Lumia 1520

The promo is available on all available colors of the Nokia Lumia 1520 – black, red and yellow and white, so you don’t need to make any sacrifices there. Check out Amazon offer this way if you want to take advantage of the deal and start the New Year with a brand new Nokia phablet.


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