AT&T offers you up to $450 if you give up your T-Mobile Line

AT&T is starting a bold strategy on T-Mobile today, offering users up to $450 per line if they drop their present T-Mobile connection. Here is the procedure - First, you can get $200 credit if you switch from a T-Mobile contract to AT&T's Next plan, activate a device you own or buy a new one at full retail price. Second if you're getting a new device, you might also trade in your old one for up to $250. The carrier doesn’t say exactly which devices qualify, the exact amount you get will depend on the make, model and condition of the device.

AT&T will give T-Mobile users up to $450 if they switch

If you opt out of trading and decide to keep your old device, you'll only get the $200 for switching carriers. So reaching the full $450 may be difficult, but it's still a very salient – and aggressive – offer from the bigger carrier. Keep in mind that these dollar amounts will be in the form of promotion cards, which can be used to buy eligible products from AT&T (phones included) or pay your bills with the carrier.

T-Mobile is said to unveil a similar deal for users switching away from other carriers, so this might a preemptive strike from AT&T. Read the source link to know more directly from AT&T.

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