Corning ready to make 3D Gorilla Glass for wearable gadgets

Over the past few years Corning's Gorilla Glass is useful for protecting the flat screens of our smartphones tablets. But it's not a great fit for the curvy world of wearables yet. The good news is the situation is changing. A new manufacturing technique allows the company to make the product conform to different shapes and designs without sacrificing its strength. Corning just announced that it can manufacture 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass.

Scott Forester, Corning’s product manager for 3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass, said its new production technique allows the curved glass to be manufactured more efficiently and cheaply. It allows Corning to produce glass than can bend 75 or 80 degrees and mold glass into “dramatic shapes,” Forester said.

Which Smartwatch use Gorilla Glass 3?

If all goes well, products using the 3D glass will be on store shelves sometime this year. Durability is certainly a question on consumer's minds when they purchase their latest tech, so expect wearable technology makers to begin implementing the use of 3D Gorilla Glass on various watches, bracelets, and any other devices they can conjure up this year.

There haven't been any partner companies named which will employ the use of 3D Gorilla Glass just yet. But we are sure that would be a leap over offerings from Samsung and LG, which recently introduced smartphones with slightly curved displays. And an iWatch and a curved iPhone with a bigger display are among the most-mentioned possible products for Apple’s pipeline this year, we can certainly see a match here from Corning's point of view.

Thoug Corning’s announcement comes a few months after Apple announced plans to build a new component manufacturing plant in Arizona producing sapphire. Sapphire is gaining popularity in portable devices because it is transparent and more scratch-resistant than glass. A patent filing from Apple earlier this year indicated that sapphire could be used to create scratch-resistant displays.

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