Role of VOIP phone systems in your business

VOIP systems relates to Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a collective term for a number of different technologies to be used via the Internet. It takes an analogue audio signal and converts it into digital data that can be used over the Internet.

Its Usefulness:
Perhaps its greatest use is by way of taking a normal Internet connection and turning it into a way of making free phone calls, so enabling those using it to bypass phone companies and providers. The technology used is alerting major companies accordingly and companies such as AT&T in the United States is now preparing VOIP plans.

It owes its development to the introduction of mass-market VOIP systems which make use of normal Internet access and enabled subscribers to make and receive calls in the way they would ordinarily do.

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How it works:
There are three main ways in which VOIP works.
• Using a device called an analogue telephone adaptor which enables people to connect a normal phone to their computer or an internet connection. The adaptor then converts the signal into digital data for transmission over the Internet.
• IP phones which appear to be ordinary phones but, instead of having a standard phone connector, are able to connect direct to the router and enable people using them to make VOIP calls from any Wi-Fi hot spot.
• Computer to computer and this is the most straightforward way of using VOIP. All that people need to use this way of working is the necessary software, microphone, speakers, a sound card and an internet connection. Again, there should not be any charges payable when making computer to computer calls.

Many companies see the benefits of using VOIP as part of their system. This is because they see it as an opportunity to streamline their network. By getting all the calls received and made going through an IP gateway, they reduce the bandwidth used. It is not just businesses that see the benefits however. Home users increasingly recognise that using VOIP will have a beneficial impact in terms of both price and flexibility.
Part of that flexibility is due to the fact that VOIP calls can be made anywhere a person is connected to broadband. So they can take their phone with them while away from home, yet they will always have access to their home phone.

It is perhaps not too difficult to find one readily identifiable problem with the VOIP system, that of use of the Internet. The standard phone connection is possibly not as glamorous, not as technologically gifted as VOIP, but it does have reliability and that is something VOIP cannot yet offer. VOIP is of course far more advanced in terms of technology, but that presents its own risks in that there is more that could possibly go wrong.

So, while the VOIP system has drawbacks, not least the concerns that we all have over new technology, their versatility is an obvious attraction, enabling people to make calls wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is therefore not surprising that telephone companies are keeping a close eye on the new technology and are now offering services of their own. Phone systems direct offer a new way forward.

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