Top ten tips and tricks for iPad

If you get to know your new iPad or you're a longtime user, here are ten essential tips and tricks for getting the most out of your device:

Quick mute
If you are in meeting and certainly a song get started on you iPad, and you need to mute all sounds captured quickly. IPad has offered assistance in this regard. Instead of messing with the settings, just press the volume button for two seconds, the speakers of iPad will get muted.

Apps running
A very simple trick, most of app application often lack quick view while applications are running. To do so, double-tap the home button and all open applications are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Most of Enterprise Mobility apps do run well on iPad. This is especially important if the delay or iPad battery is draining faster than normal. Press and hold these symbols until a red button will appear, then scroll, click on the button to close the programs you want. This function can also be used in new iPhones and iTouch.

Locking screen rotation
Some time you may feel like resting with your iPad, but some time you get tired of constantly turning your screen to accommodate your position. You can easily recognize your screen with your general preferences and its selection set can be set to landscape or portrait position called as "Lock Rotation”.

How to use your iPad more easily

Digital Photo Frame
The application is for standard photos, you can easily turn your photo collection in a slideshow, with the ability to add music and transition effects. I has even better ability to start the slide show without unlocking the device. You can avail that by pressing the home button to activate it, simply tap the " Picture Frame " icon next to the activation button and your iPad will be immediately routed to a digital photo frame to . Application settings allow the speed of the slideshow and zoom in and shuffle control options.

Enable restrictions
If other people are going to use your iPad and you want to restrict the applications so that can’t access your machine, just go to Settings > General > Restrictions. You will then be able to access code in a control and set the contents that is accessible by other users.

Default search engine
Your iPad is generally set to Google as home page, but if you want to change this, go to “Safari “in the settings menu. When you select the search engine you will be able to change to Yahoo or Bing and others.

Shortcuts Score
While you are using the keyboard, click the button comma on dot key, insert an apostrophe and a quote. You can also hold down any letter key to bring the letter to accented versions. You can select characters by Pressing the space bar twice a point followed by a space,.

Undo and redo Agitation
If you have accidentally removed any text while with using applications such as Mail or Notes, you can easily move back to original text, by turning the key in the inverted keypad. You can also repeat something by switching to the symbol on the keyboard and press the Redo button.

Multitasking gestures
Navigating between screens and applications are made much easier on your iPad, by clicking the Multitasking Gestures. You can find this option by scrolling down through your general settings. Once activated, the functions are available .They are also useful when you want to scan four fingers left and right to tilt the running applications.

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