Samsung Gear 2 price is $300, Gear Fit is $200

After almost a month of speculation all round the world we currently have some light regarding the 2nd generation of Samsung wearable lineups. As many of we assume Gear 2 will be priced around $300, that turns out to be true. According to the Samsung official announcement in Taiwan Gear 2 will be available for $295, while the beautiful Gear will costs you $197. Surprisingly there is no mention of the Gear 2 Neo, but it is likely that the device will cost around the same as the Gear Fit.

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Samsung initially indicated that it would launch the Gear 2 at a lower price point than the original Galaxy Gear. One of the reasons for the failure of the Galaxy Gear was its price as well as limited functionality. While Samsung is sticking to the same price segment with the Gear 2, it is betting on new functionality the watch provides, like the heart rate sensor with better battery life. The Gear 2 will also work with more Galaxy mobiles and tablets out of the box, which makes it more accessible to users. The Gear 2 along with the Gear Fit will be officially available to buy starting next month, just few days before Samsung Galaxy S5 launch of April 11.

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