Top amazing & innovative Android Apps not available on Apple Store

The introduction of mobile apps has introduced lot of innovation in the market. Lot of different business sectors has benefited a lot from it that includes both commercial and non-commercial sectors. Now if we look in to the market, we will find lot of mobile apps in the market which are utilized for fulfilling different sectors requirements, like if we look in restaurants, hotels, we will find lot of mobile apps belonging to leading hotels and restaurants which are utilized for availing services for the subject sector. Same goes to different sectors like education, sports etc.

IF we look in the Mobile app development sector, we will find lot of companies manufacturing amazing mobile apps in Android and iOS OS, which are available on their respective stores. If you are mobile app lover who want to have most amazing apps on your android based smartphone. IF you look at Android store you will find lot of amazing apps which are not available on Apple store, choosing the best is a quite great task, to keep you hustle free we have shortlisted top amazing innovative apps which are not available on Apple store.

Cover is amazing App having most stylish and attractive looks which manages lock screen on your android Smartphone and give in an attractive look. Its interface is designed with innovative android app development. This app is expertly built with quite attractive and intelligent smartphone app organizer theme, which is used to display most frequently visited apps on home screen of the smartphone that includes locations, this app amazing GPS locator calculator sensor which are quite ideal for managing the exact location of the user and games apps.

Amazing apps apple don't have

SWYPE is another amazing app which has quite attractive looks and amazing features. In-fact in very short time lapse this app has gathered lot of popularity, that’s why you will find this app in world most recognized and popular regions. Basically it is virtual keyboard with unique finger dragging feature which makes typing as smooth as possible. The user doesn’t have to tap each tab separately and most amazing it automatically corrects spell mistakes made during typing.

3. Profile Scheduler
Profile Scheduler is also recognized as one of the amazing android app having highly attractive and customized features, which other major scheduler apps do lack. If you are regular smartphone user, you must have felt how difficult it is to manage profile in apps and mostly it is face by android app developers. Whenever a profile of the smartphone is upgraded or changed all setting will also be removed with it. Profile Scheduler is amazing apps solves lot of the users profile scheduling problems, it comes with quite innovative functionalities which is quite helpful for profile scheduling.

4. Android Stocks Tape Widget
Android Stocks Tape widget is a classic app for stock exchange apps lover, it apparently comes with amazing features which display latest updates with in no time. If you are stock exchange broker or someone having shares of different companies in the market want to get latest update on home screen instead of going in to different application for getting the latest updates. This amazing app displays all user relevant stock exchange updates on the home screen of the smartphone.

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