Best Android Devices for Mobile Gaming

If you haven't noticed, mobile games are on a bit of a tear as of late. Actually, they've been on a bit of a tear for the last several years. And there doesn't appear to be any end in sight.

Last year alone, mobile games accounted for $14.9 billion in revenue, with so-called “midcore” games accounting for $3.8 billion of that total. Mobile games are incredibly popular, and the numbers show that gamers aren't just interested in simple titles like “Candy Crush;” they're seeking a more robust user experience, with improved graphics and more involved gameplay.

This increase in the popularity of midcore game titles has been made possible in part through improvements in mobile technology. When smartphones first hit the market around 2007, graphics capabilities were limited. As such, a lot of the mobile titles at the time relied on relatively rudimentary graphics. With the advent of such mobile technologies as Snapdragon's mobile processor, manufactured by computing giant Qualcomm, this is no longer the case.

iPhone 6 or Note 4 - Which is better for gaming?

The devices below can provide a gaming experience not all that different from what is currently available on console devices (cue the hardcore gamers interjecting). If you're a gamer and in the market for an Android mobile device, you can't beat these options.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
One of the newest smartphones on the market, the Galaxy Note Edge is unique in that its screen extends over the bezel of the phone, providing for an all-new user experience and navigation functionality. Beyond the clever screen design, however, the Galaxy Note Edge is also an incredibly powerful device. With Snapdragon's mobile processor – the latest 805 series, specifically – it is the smartphone of choice for gamers. This device is one of the few on the market that can support 4K Ultra HD graphics – it is, simply, revolutionary.

With a large, edge-to-edge display that has brilliantly clear colors and high resolution, the LG G3 is a tremendously appealing device for gamers. With a Snapdragon 801 processor, the G3 enables an advanced mobile gaming experience. The processor supports 3D gaming and incredible graphics performance while preserving power for improved battery life over time. The LG G3 is the rare device that manages to offer it all – performance, usability, and looks.

Sony Experia Z3 Tablet
Slotting right in between traditional 10” tablets and smartphones with their 4”, 4.5” and even 6” displays, the 8” Sony Experia Z3 tablet is perfect for gamers who are looking for a device that will meet all of their gaming needs – yet can easily be thrown into a carry-all, backpack, purse or briefcase. And perfect for gamers the Experia Z3 is. With Snapdragon's 801 mobile processor, the Experia Z3 supports Sony's PS4 Remote Play2. If that isn't evidence that the device has been built with gamers in mind, what is?

Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9
The Amazon Kindle is a device not short on features or performance. With Snapdragon's 800 mobile processor, the Kindle supports 4K Ultra HD video playback and capture, and provides incredible graphics and gaming performance. Beyond that, the Kindle HDX 8.9 is an incredibly useful and appealing tablet. With apps, software and hardware all in close harmony with one another, it provides an intuitive, satisfying and complete user experience.

For Gamers, the Choices are Many
Now is the time to be a gamer. Console devices are more powerful than ever, yes, but what's perhaps even more impressive is how robust the mobile gaming experience has become. For many, mobile gaming is simply gaming – there's no need for any distinction. And this is because the capabilities of mobile devices continue to improve. Snapdragon's mobile processor allows for faster speeds, more colors, and better graphics, and displays are finally being built that can make best use of these graphics. Ultra HD displays in your pocket; who would have thought?

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