You can buy Samsung Galaxy Alpha in UK now

Popular UK online retailer Carphone Warehouse has today confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is now available both in-store and online from £33($54) a month on supporting networks with no upfront fee. The 4.7-inch smartphone from Samsung is an interesting departure from its usual design, utilizing metals and other components. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is currently available in black and white, but on October 3 you'll also get to choose from two additional hues: silver and blue, which is being exclusive to Carphone Warehouse).

Sim free Samsung Galaxy Alpha Price

If you'd rather go the SIM-free route, for now your only choice seems to be Unlocked Mobiles. This retailer is asking for £499.87 ($810) for a Samsung Galaxy Alpha sans any operator commitments. Clove and Expansys are also going to offer it in SIM-free form, but it's still unclear when.

You can also get exclusive gold Galaxy Alpha in the UK by Phones 4u. Although you can currently order one from this retailer's website, it's unclear if it's already in stock or not. To pay nothing upfront, you'll need to choose a two-year plan that will set you back at least £34.50 ($56) per month.

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