Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 is now available in Bangladesh

The iPad Air 2 was unveiled at Apple's special launch event on 16 October along with new iPad Mini 3. An emphasized feature of the new iPad Air is the device's thin frame - it's now 6.1mm thin, 18% thinner than the previous iPad Air. Much of the new design and added capabilities comes directly from the iPhone 6, including a gold color option and the Touch ID home key fingerprint scanner.

The iPad Air 2 does indeed feature the Apple A8X processor, an upgrade from the A8 chip which debuted in the iPhone 6. This new model uses Apple's second-generation 64-bit architecture and is said to be 40% faster than the regular A8, with two-and-a-half times the graphical performance from the GPU. Apple has also included the M8 motion co-processor for motion data used by applications.

Price of iPad Air 2 in Bangladesh

On storage the options are exactly the same as the iPhone 6 - 32GB is gone, but 16GB, 64GB and 128GB still exist. Connectivity wise there's 802.11AC Wi-Fi with MIMO for faster performance, and the mobile data enabled variants pack more LTE bands (20) with speeds of up to 150mbps.

It has also been revealed that the iPad Air 2 will feature a proprietary SIM card design, called Apple SIM. But before you go grabbing your pitchforks, this is actually Apple making a clever move because the new design allows users to switch from one carrier to another much more easily. Apple SIM can be removed, so carriers may opt not to supply iPad Air 2 devices with the tech, but those who do are offering the consumer greater flexibility.

At the same time the iPad mini 3 is here - and here's everything we know about Apple's most portable tablet so far. One year on, Apple has refreshed its most portable tablet with TouchID and a new colour option. The rest of the design and processing power remain the same, as does the price.

Price of iPad Mini 2 in Bangladesh

The iPad mini 3 will arrive with iOS 8.1, the latest version of Apple's mobile OS. Working in conjunction with TouchID, iOS 8 brings Apple Pay to the tablet for one-touch online shopping.
In terms of power though, the iPad mini 3 keeps the A7 processor of its predecessor and Apple has held to the promise of 10 hours of battery life. The 64-bit chip is backed by the M7 co-processor pulling motion information from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

If you are in Bangladesh then you have to pay a lot more to buy iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 at this moment. The price will come down eventually with time. But at this time you have to according to the following paragraph!

iPad Air 2 Introductory Price in Bangladesh
iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi 3G TK 65,000/-
iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi 3G TK 75,000/-
iPad Air 2 128GB WiFi 3G TK 85,000/-

So here you have to pay $840-$1100 for iPad Air 2 depending on storage where the original US price is ranging from $630-$830.

iPad Mini 3 Introductory Price in Bangladesh
iPad Mini 3 16GB WiFi 3G Tk 55,000/-
iPad Mini 3 64GB WiFi 3G Tk 65,000/-
iPad Mini 3 128GB WiFi 3G Tk 75,000/-

Once again you have to pay $710-$970 for iPad Air 2 depending on storage where the original US price is ranging from $530-$730.

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