Samsung launches extended warranty program in the US covers drops, spills and much more

If you are interested in any of Samsung’s Galaxy S & Note series smart devices in US then I have one very good news for you. Samsung has your back should your device run into any issues. Thanks to Samsung’s new Protection Plus Mobile Elite program that the company has announced. Under this program, the warranty of the phone will be extended to two years, and Samsung will offer fixes/replacements for damage from accidental drops, electrical and mechanical failures, and replace a device within two business days. Samsung is limiting the number of times a user can claim these benefits to three, which shouldn’t be a problem considering you will probably switch to a new phone if you’ve dropped it or damaged it so many times.

Extra Protection for Samsung Galaxy Note Devices

With Protection Plus Mobile Elite, you will be eligible for the following:
  1. Covers accidental damage from handling – drops, spills and cracked screens
  2. Covers electrical and mechanical failures
  3. Advanced exchange – replacement within 2 business days or less
  4. 24/7/364 customer support (Closed Christmas Day)
  5. Up to three (3) claims allowed during coverage period
At the moment, the Protection Plus Mobile Elite warranty is available only for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy Note 4. Extended warranty isn't free, however, as Galaxy S series owners need to shell out $99, while customers with a Galaxy Note device have to pay $129 for the service. If you need a file a claim to get the device fixed, Samsung mentions that you'll have to shell out an additional service fee, which is $75 for Galaxy S devices and $95 for a Galaxy Note handset.

No matter you are interested or not I think it’s worth you time to visit Samsung’s Protection Plus page for at least once.

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