BlackBerry and Samsung announce to beef up security on galaxy devices

At an enterprise event in San Francisco today, BlackBerry announced a partnership that will offer a new level of security to Android phones. Launching early next year, the program will integrate BlackBerry's end-to-end encryption system into Samsung's Knox system, adding new encryption standards and support to the program. It's a clear upgrade for Samsung, as BlackBerry is known in enterprise circles for having some of the best security practices in the mobile marketplace. The new program will also add features to deal with the unique challenges of security on Android, including specific mechanisms to protect data against on-board malware.

How secure galaxy Android phone are?

Samsung KNOX and BES12 will offer complete separation of business and personal data. The upcoming security suite will also provide enhancements that address some of the Android-specific security issues.

The deal is a win for both parties. It will instantly make Samsung a major player on the enterprise market. BlackBerry on the other hand, will surely welcome the fresh stream of cash to its business.

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