Clash of Kings Throws Android Mobile Gamers Into Intense, Action-Packed Battles

Clash of Kings Throws Android Mobile Gamers Into Intense, Action-Packed Battles

New Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game Calls on Players to Build an Empire
and Control Massive Fantasy Kingdoms!

(HONG KONG) - November 7, 2014 - Empire Game Studio today announced the launch of Clash of Kings (#clashofkings) for Android (#android). Thrust into a massive fantasy world, this real time strategy (RTS) game challenges players to build an empire and conquer seven magical kingdoms to survive while battling for the King’s throne. To succeed, players will need to build their armies, attack their foes, raise a tower defense, find and secure goods and gather resources to win. Clash of Kings is available now for free on Google Play.

Clash of Kings pits players against friends and enemies from around the world. As players build their empires, they will explore the fantasy kingdom and battle challengers from near and far as they seek to become the most powerful fantasy hero throughout the land. To be victorious in Clash of Kings, players will have to use their skills and smarts. The game allows players to create and join alliances, so that they can share resources and help each other on tasks and quests. But aside from working together, players can attack each other, with the winning team gaining additional resources as rewards. The players that wisely choose their partners, and know who to trust and who to fear, will have the upper hand as the battles rage on.

Clash of Kings Compatible devices

Clash of Kings calls on players to wisely manage their resources, so that they are not exposed on the battlefield. After building an army, players can seek the resource fields on the in-game map and try to occupy them. If a field is already occupied by another army, it is time to go to battle to win control of the field and increase experience points and resources. The best armies know when to attack and when to avoid conflict.

To further immerse players in the fantasy world, Clash of Kings places a massive amount of control in the players’ hands. From building hospitals and barracks, to acquiring wealth and weapons, a long term plan will help the best competitors succeed and thrive. Players will also need to train their troops for the battles ahead. In addition, the game features a huge number of quests that will take players throughout the kingdom to perform a wide range of tasks, with an amazing array of rewards awaiting the victors.

Clash of Kings brings together the best of “city building” games with the best of fantasy and strategy! Players will defend their empire by creating big defenses and using war strategy, and building a massive empire to build up their army. As players build a massive empire and make empire allies, they will also create bitter enemies. The strong will prevail, while the weak will die.

About Empire Game Studio
Part of ELEX Technological Co. Ltd, Empire Game Studio is a young and creative team. As the most influential developer and provider of mobile games and browser games all over the world, Empire Game Studio provides high-quality gaming services for 40 million active users. Empire Game Studio has published a variety of high-quality mobile games including: Battle Alert, Happy Farm and Legend of Lords - all in the North American and European markets, achieved a huge success with more than 20 million users for its mobile games. Empire Game Studio now has more than 8 million daily active users for its mobile games and browser games, across more than 40 countries including US, Russia, Germany, UK, Turkey, Brazil and so on. They are dedicated to developing the highest quality products and provide the best service, and providing the world’s top gaming experience for game players all over the world. For more information, visit

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