Snapwise Launches uCiC Mobile App That Enables Users to Obtain Visual Answers to Every Day Questions

Choose Any Location, Make a Request and Get an Image or Video Instantly;
App Wins Best Mobile App at “Mobile Apps Showdown” at CES

Toronto, Canada, January 21, 2015 – uCiC (You See I See) is a mobile solution for anyone who has ever had a location-based question that would best be answered by someone who is there as a real-time image or video from anywhere in the world. Today’s launch of the uCiC (You See I See) free iOS and Android app, allows users to select any area of the world in which they have a question, and reach out to other app users in a specific location, whether they know them or not, to complete and send the image or video request.

The app is available for download on the App Store at and on Google Play at

At the recent “Mobile Apps Showdown” at the Consumer Electronics Show, uCiC won the coveted award of “Best Mobile App,” both in online voting and at the live event (in a tie for 1st place).

“As one of the judges for Mobile Apps Showdown, I was more than impressed with not just the concept of uCiC, but the execution of it – including the intuitive user-interface, speed and feature set of the app. Leveraging the entire mobile population – and not just your social media circles -- uCiC has the ability to effectively and quickly pair those looking for visual information with those willing to share it,” said Marc Saltzman, syndicated technology columnist, author and speaker.

From wanting to know if the parking lot at the game is full or requesting an image of the remaining pastries at the local bakery; to asking about the size of the waves at the beach or finding out if your street is flooded before heading home, the questions to which you can find visual and video-based answers is limitless. The app is very simple to use and can provide a wide array of fun, educational, informational and safety content. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and uCiC can provide more informed and timely content than a simple web search.

uCiC is leading the transformation where users stop using smartphones as portable PCs and start using them as extensions of themselves. With uCiC, users no longer have to constrain themselves to people, places or processes that they have acquainted in their real lives. uCiC will help people at a global scale and create an unprecedented number of connections, while opening a new world of images and videos.

When someone makes a uCiC request, they will be able to see how many other users are in the location in which they are seeking information, whether across town or around the world. If another user is in the area of a request, they will receive a notification on their phone and they can then choose to complete the request. Their camera will automatically open, allowing them to take a picture or video and send it back with the tap of a button. To make a request users have to give out “Karma Points”, between 10 and 50 points, depending on how much they want to incentivize the other user to respond to their request. All users get 50 Karma Points when they sign up, so they can start making requests immediately.

Additional sample uses of uCiC can include:
  • Requesting images/videos of the crowd at a club
  • Finding out how the roses look at the local florist before heading down to the store
  • Asking what the inside of that brand new restaurant across town looks like
  • Trying to find out if your street has been snow plowed before heading home from work
  • Asking neighbors if they have seen a lost dog
  • Getting a current picture of a location for a school project
  • Find out the length of the line at the ski lift, so that they can spend more time on the slopes and less time waiting
Privacy is very important to uCiC, so the app provides users the option to choose their own visibility settings. A user can choose to be completely anonymous, be visible only to their friends or choose to be fully visible to everyone.

About uCiC:
uCiC is made by Snapwise Inc, a Toronto based start-up. Our mission is to help people connect with someone who is at the right place at the right time. More information on uCiC is available at A video showing uCiC in action can be viewed at:

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