Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge UK prices revealed

As the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge started in UK two days ago, so the prices of the next generation Samsung flagship is now known. Most UK customers can expect to pay the same monthly amount for their wireless plan that they’re paying currently, so the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge up-front costs are a one-time fee required when signing a new agreement. Of course, unless you pay the full amount up-front, you’ll have a monthly payment tacked on to the wireless plan charge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the slightly cheaper of the two, with a flat, conventional style 5.1-inch screen, and the premium Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has a display that wraps around each side in order to give the front a bezel-free look.

UK carrier O2 has published its pricing for customers who order either of Samsung’s newest devices through the carrier’s Refresh plan: Galaxy S6 customers can expect to pay £99 up-front and the remainder each month, along with their individual phone plans. For someone who purchases a 2GB plan with O2, will have to pay £38 a month. Cost of the Galaxy S6 edge is same but the customers will need to pay £48 a month in costs. O2 is encouraging sales of the Galaxy S6 edge, knowing that the last thing customers want to do is pay more out-of-pocket for Samsung’s most prestigious Galaxy S flagship.

Carrier EE is charging £49.99 up-front for both the S6 and S6 edge. It includes unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 4GB of data. For a 64GB Galaxy S6 edge, the monthly instalments creep up to £53.49 with the same upfront cost, but you get 20GB of data.

Comparison of all the available Samsung Galaxy S5 price in UK

Fortunately Vodafone requires no up-front cost for its S6 models. A 24-month 4G contract for the 32GB Galaxy S6 will see you pay £48.50 a month with no upfront cost, for which you will get 7GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, as well as Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV for two years. If the Galaxy S6 edge is the phone you're after, Vodafone is offering the same contract as the Galaxy S6 but for an extra £5 a month, bringing the total up to £53.50 for the 64GB model.

Three UK will be adding the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to its range of smartphones available for pre-order with upfront pricing for both phones starts at £49 on a 24-month contract.

Tesco Mobile has no up-front cost and is even throwing in a Double Data deal to encourage pre-orders. The Galaxy S6 edge will also be part of the promotion so you'll be able to get the same plan but for £43.50 a month.

Carphone Warehouse is giving away a free wireless charger with its pre-orders, and this should relieve the jaw-dropping response to the up-front cost of £259.99 for the 64GB Galaxy S6 edge. The 32GB Galaxy S6 will cost £79.99 up-front.


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