Android drives mobile gaming successes

If you threw out the term “mobile gaming” 10 years ago, well, it wasn't really something you’d throw out there. That’s because advanced mobile devices flooding the consumer market today, a fairly recent emergence in the past two decades, are now driving the overall video gaming industry and enabling successes specifically within the mobile arena. Android devices like tablets, phablets, smartphones as well as virtual reality headsets are in the driver’s seat of the gaming game and power the ultra-engaging visual adventure.

There are approximately a billion Android devices being used in the world, and the impressive widespread adoption of the modern technology has pushed mobile game publishers to expand their demographic to not only entertain the traditional teenage-gamer nerd but almost every type of human being, moms and doctors alike. The types of games range from social-oriented ones such as Words with Friends, which calls for players to interact with others over a social platform, to serious games like educational applications that can activate, exercise and strengthen cognitive abilities, and not to be forgotten, many classic action-packed video games normally housed on the old-school console are now being brought to a mobile setting. All of these complex applications call for extremely advanced technology built inside device hardware. Mobile devices with Snapdragon processors equip compact Android machines to power the most superior experience possible that includes extra crisp visuals, sharp sound effects and smooth functionality required for the intricate, interactive activity.

How Android drives mobile gaming successes

One android-based gaming gadget generating significant tech buzz is the Gear VR (Innovator Edition), a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus. The headset attaches to the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and users can then plunge into a virtual world like no other. Forward-thinking innovation within mobile gaming is being pushed because of the capabilities Android technology presents.

At Google’s I/O fest this year, the star of the show seemed to be Android and was heavily suggested as the future of innovation. Executives pitched that the mobile operating software is the fueling force behind forthcoming connected devices. Because of the operating system’s strong presence and partnerships with technological pioneers, Samsung amongst others, potential for increasing growth in gaming applications will thrive.

Game publishers will continue to create games for a growing mobile audience. In particular, the healthcare industry is starting to integrate gaming to benefit those who provide medical attention and those who seek it. Practitioners within the field can utilize mobile applications to develop their skills in various medical procedures and also expand their knowledge in medicine. Patients equally are beginning to benefit from their use of mobile devices and the games available. For instance, apps that help players strengthen day-to-day brain functions are proving to be an effective measure to prevent against certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The widespread accessibility to Android-run systems has resulted in a complete overhaul of the mobile app market space. Individual developers and smaller organizations now have the same resources giant game publishers once solely held to produce successful entertainment that reaches the masses. Games like Draw Something, a mobile game that transitioned the pen-and-paper way of Pictionary to the mobile screen, reached overnight, viral popularity and was produced by a smaller developer OMGPop.

So long as there is Android to execute mobile gaming, the mobile game industry will remain on the same path to achieving even more success. By 2017, the global gaming industry is projected to generate $102.9 billion in revenues largely in part due to its mobile component. And because of the powerful mobile device Android technology backing it up, the fiscal predication is likely to hold true.

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