UAE has no Samsung Galaxy S6s for sale due to very high demand

Samsung Electronics may just have its rival Apple Inc.'s favourite problems on its hands. The demand for its devices 'far exceeds' supply despite the company taking every measure, including gauging pre-order commitments, to ensure that it can steadily supply units to the market in line with the demand. Retailers in UAE, like the rest of the world are selling out of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets, raising questions over whether phone companies are dialling up the hype. Eros Group, the phones’ sole UAE distributor, says it has sold all of its allocation of 22,000 units. The phone launched globally last Friday and was treated to a midnight launch in the UAE. Initially Eros received 16,000 S6 models and 6,000 of the higher-specification Edge.

“Our first allotment of 22,000 units has been completely sold out and we are waiting for the second lot,” said Deepak Babani, the chief executive of Eros. “The second allotment is expected to arrive in the next couple of days.” And despite the steeper price-tag, it’s the S6 Edge that is more in demand among the well-heeled Dubai consumers. “Inquiries for the S6 Edge were more than the S6, with 65 per cent for the Edge and 35 per cent for the S6 model,” he said.

Still, the South Korean company seems to have underestimated the demand for its spearhead smartphones – the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge – and the Dubai-based sole distributor of Samsung devices says that it is doing its best to cater to customer interest.

سامسونج غالاكسي S6 حافة السعر مقفلة
Photo Source: Khaleez Times UAE

While demand for the new Samsung smartphones in the UAE has been robust, there are still pockets of supply in Samsung-branded outlets. “We have sufficient stocks of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to hopefully take us through this weekend and slightly less than that for the S6 edge,” said Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer of Jacky’s Retail. Electronic retailers said that while the Edge was in high demand, the relatively small amount of supply meant that it was likely to be sold out.

The Galaxy S6 is available in four models. The Galaxy S6 (32GB) for Dh2,599, and the Galaxy S6 (64GB) for Dh2,899. The Galaxy S6 Duos (32GB) for Dh2,699, and the Galaxy S6 Duos (64GB) for Dh2,999. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is available in three models. The S6 Edge (32GB) for Dh3,099 while the S6 Edge (64GB) for Dh3,399 and the S6 Edge (128GB) for Dh3,799.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are being seen by analysts as Samsung’s comeback devices. The company lost the leadership slot among smartphones manufacturers to rival Apple Inc. in the fourth quarter of 2014, after being on top for 12 quarters since Q4 2011. Apple, the iPhone maker, overtook Samsung to sell the most smartphones in the fourth quarter of last year, selling nearly 75 million devices compared to Samsung’s 73 million.

Analysts cite the runaway success of Apple’s largest-to-date iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the lacklustre response to Galaxy S5, as reasons behind Samsung falling behind in the largely two-horse race.

Eros Digital Home claims to be the first retail chain to open pre-bookings for the phones across its 33 stores in the UAE. Eros is the sole distributor of Samsung, Hitachi, TCL and Linksys, and one of the leading players in consumer electronics, telecom, and allied multi-products in the Middle East.

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