[Rumor] Samsung might use Magnesium alloy to make Galaxy S7 lighter and stronger

A new rumor out of Samsung's home country of South Korea claims to give us an idea of the material that will be used in the upcoming Galaxy S7. This is based on samples that are already in development. Unlike the Galaxy S6, which uses an aluminum frame, the company's next flagship will allegedly be coming with a magnesium alloy construction. More importantly this will be a unibody design, marking a departure from the Galaxy S6, in which only the frame is metallic, with the back being made of glass. The S7 would thus be Samsung's first fully metal flagship device ever.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design and battery life

The magnesium alloy was apparently chosen because of how light it is while still remaining strong and durable. Magnesium is said to be 2.8 times stronger than aluminum while weighing 65% less. Magnesium also gets less hot than aluminum, which is a feature that's of great use in the mobile world, where chipsets and displays generate quite a lot of heat. For instance, the iPhone 6s unveiled last week is manufactured from 7000-series aluminum, which is the same material Apple used in the creation of the Watch Sport. This type of aluminum is much more resilient and less vulnerable to bending.

Stay tuned as we expect to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the coming months ahead. Speculators believe the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 release date could be as early as Feb. 2016, coinciding with the World Mobile Congress, which takes place Feb. 22 to 25, 2016.

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