How to update Android Smartphone or tablet?

Android is the most widely used operating system for smartphones and the tablets. It is an open platform developed and owned by Google that frequently releases new updates for its devices. Yes, it is possible that Android may launch some new updates only for specific devices like smartphones and its counterparts. You must update your device frequently as Android launches new updates because this is the only way through which you can utilize the new features and facilities offered by Android operating system.

So, how to update an Android Smartphone or tab? This question may pop up in your mind and we have the answer. Below you can see the easiest methods to update your Android device by using Wi-Fi, computer or the internet services offered by your network operator.

Over the Air method:
It is a simple and easy to learn method of updating Android smartphones and tabs. What you require is a fast working internet connection like Wi-Fi to update your device. First connect your device to the Wi-Fi and then go to the settings menu. Now tap at “About device” option and then tap at software update. The system will show you, if new update available for your device. Now click on “Check updates” option and then update with the latest version of Android available for your device. Your device’s android version will get upgraded, if any new version will be available for your device.

Updating via the computer:
We don’t say it is a tricky method of upgrading your Android device, but you need to understand it in a good way. First of all you will need the PC suit of your Smartphone or tablet. That PC suit can be available online on the official website your Smartphone’s or tab’s brand. Once, the PC suit is downloaded, now search for the new updates available for your device. Now download new version of Android for your device and then connect it to the PC. Update your Smartphone or tablet via PC. It is also a simple method, but you will need the PC suit to update your device.

The users also have a facility of updating their Smartphone or Tablet direct from the service centers of their device’s manufacturer. The service provider will upgrade your device for free and sort out all of its software related issues for free, if it is under warranty. You will have to pay for upgrading, if the warranty period is over.

There are also some other ways of updating Android devices, but above mentioned two methods are the simplest methods. Try DIY methods, if the warranty period is over. It is not too tricky and not so risky to upgrade the Android version of your device. All you need is a good knowledge of upgrading methods and we have mentioned the process in the simplest way. So, apply the best procedure you can follow and your device will be up to date. You will be able to enjoy the new features of the Android operating system and your phone or Tablet will perform better.

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