Potential risk of data loss and simplest recovery process you can use for all of your devices

It was only 6 months since the disaster of my 3TB hard disk in which I've lost many of my important documents and pictures which i will never see in my life. it was all of a sudden when my perfectly working hard disk stopped working. I've always maintained a separate hard disk for Windows and data. It happened when i was using my PC. Suddenly my computer froze and after a force restart my data hard disk was totally gone! After that accident I am using all types of backup process I can find, whatever it's offline and online. Without talking every bit of details here I am attaching an all in one infographic so you can understand the total scenario of data loss and the way to recovery those data if something bad happens with you. You can use either software based recovery procedure or data recovery service or both.

I strongly suggest you to use either one of these. Because you never knew what happens next to your invaluable data. And one very important thing in your mind. In any case, manufacturer warranty doesn't cover the loss of your data, which many people don't understand before its all gone. So play it safe mate!



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