Must Try Virtual Reality Games of 2016

With Google wrapping off its brand new VR headset, Daydream View VR a few hours ago, we all are certain that the VR experiences will be the same as before. You can now only able to watch VR videos, you can also able to play games with the blessing of Daydream View's touchpad and a couple of buttons for interaction which also packed with sensors so you can not only point and swipe. All of these new features can easily be the biggest revolution in the gaming industry's history of evolution. In VR games a gamer can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. What makes virtual reality so realistic is not only how it immerses players in a 360-degree visual experience, but also how it uses 3 dimensions, real-life audio and head-tracking technology to create a profound sense of physical presence that we are just beginning to explore.

While you may be excited for the promising catalog of VR supported games in different platforms, not everything VR touches turns to gold. Picking the best VR games at the moment is tough. But if there were any virtual reality games I felt like anyone had to try this year, it would be these.

It’s been a few months the world's most popular block-em-up game, Minecraft has arrived on Windows 10 in VR format. You can play the game on either Samsung Gear VR or pricier Oculus Rift. The surroundings itself isn’t the only thing that fits perfectly in VR. The scenes, animals, enemies, and environment also seem a lot more realistic when you can walk right up next to them rather than seeing them all beamed into your computer screen. That simple sensation of occupying such a vast universe is what truly made Minecraft so special. VR introduces the scope of Minecraft upon the games in a completely new way.

Alien: Isolation
Even though this game has been making the rounds on VR for a while, now that the devices will finally begin to launch, Alien fans can experience the already-terrifying game in virtual reality for themselves. Creative Assembly's masterful conversion of the Alien movie into a survival game was an unexpected success of last year, allowing players to take the role of Ripley's daughter, attempting to survive another xenomorph event and discover what happened to her mother. It makes for an utterly terrifying and hardcore experience, proving if there’s any type of game that’s going to do well in virtual reality, it’s going to be horror games.

Pool Nation VR
Ever wanted to play pool with your friends without leaving the house to go to a bar? Thanks to the HTC Vive only Pool Nation VR, now you can do that too. No billiards experiences are compromised in this game. Developed by Cherry Pop Games, this VR game places you in the middle of casual pool hall surrounded by music, drinks and NPCs; which somewhat recreates the experiences of being in a casino. You can play darts, billiards, or even juggle chairs with your friends in this multiplayer pool arena. Pool Nation VR creates an atmosphere designed for socialising, it’s the very definition of emergent gameplay, in the same way, that real-life is rarely defined by pre-ordained rules.

Finally, thanks to the HTC Vive's waggle wand controllers, you're no longer limited to the analog gamepads of the past. So get ready to throw barstools, chairs and empty beer bottles at the wall when you lose because Pool Nation VR is the most comical and somehow simultaneously realistic depiction of everyone's favorite tabletop sport. And, hey, it's not just pool you get to experience – it's the whole bar experience. Yes, you can even go for a few rounds of darts if you so choose.

ADR1FT is one of the very few games which is actually made for VR world. The story of the game is more like the 2014 award winning film, Gravity. You’re lost in space, floating around with no recollection of what the heck happened to you and no idea how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess. In a first-person view, you'll be tasked with navigating a zero gravity setting with an oxygen limit that's realistic enough to keep you from taking off and exploring too far. To make matters even more entertaining, you're simultaneously tasked with completing a series of puzzles throughout five different areas.

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