Sony pushes fixes to Xperia X Performance for accelerometer trouble

An issue that has been affecting some users with the Xperia X Performance has been addressed by Sony and a fix is being rolled out now via OTA update. Sony promised about two weeks ago that it has managed to replicate the bug and will fix it in a future update. The issue was with the accelerometer that detects the phone’s orientation. Some handset owners were also facing issues with the responsiveness of the the barometer, magnetometer, gyroscope etc., and this update will fix these problems as well. The OTA fix is coming to the dualSIM variant (F8132) as well as the singleSIM (F8131) models of the phone.

Sony Xperia X Performance Now Getting Software Update, Fixes Accelerometer Issue - See more at:

Up until now, the only workaround to fix the accelerometer issues of the Xperia X Performance was to simply restart the phone. Hopefully, the new update, which is supposed to be rolled out for bot single and dual SIM versions, squashes these annoying bugs for good.


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