Top addictive games for Android

Gaming on our smartphones can be addictive, as well as boring! How? I am just taking pieces from my experiences from the past five years. If you are a real world racing fan who likes simulation games more than adventurous one, then I can bet you’ve already spent 1000+ hours just by playing Real Racing 3 alone. This game is much realistic and addictive that the game forces you sometimes to put your phone on flight mode so that you can be the perfectionist of overtaking in the crucial chicane on any track. You will play on the same tracks and same events over and over just to beat yourself what you’ve achieved just a minute ago! This can be so thrilling yet so boring! Because of games like this one, you can miss so many others! At this moment Google Play Store has around a million of games waiting for us to download but alas! We only have one lifetime!!

Last year, in my last collaboration of Android games post, I focused on the virtual reality-based game only. So while the MWC is going on in Barcelona, what could be the best time to look at some of the best and addictive games of past few months? No matter you whether are going to have a Nokia 3 or Huawei P10 (even LG G6), this list always help you to push your new phone’s to its limit, whether it’s power or stamina you are thinking of!

1. Beach Bike Stunt Rider
If you are looking to race in some unorthodox way then this can be yours. The 1st expression of this game will remind you the ‘Road Rash’ game. It was one the very few games played by every 90’s kid whoever had the opportunity to touch a keyboard and mouse that time. Moving from that, as the name suggests this is not a proper bike racing game. The game takes place on an incomplete constructions site. You will need to be the master of freestyle riding along with sooo many stunt tricks. The landscape and graphics is not mind blowing, but is that really necessary? Dangerous terrain with obstacles and tricky paths are waiting for you, where you need to ride fast, jump high and dodge risky hurdles through amazing stunts ramps. You can also have the opportunity to use Nitro while doing these. The game also has many challenging levels of stunt activities to challenge your skills to the limit.

2. Pokémon GO
It’s very hard, if you don’t think impossible, not to mention this game while going through any list of addictive games. I am sure of one thing. While I am writing this article on 2017 or my grandson will write on 2117, Pokémon GO will be on the list of every all-time best games beyond its era. This game has made so many headlines in 2016 in mainstream media, that it feels quite odd to add this games on my list in 2017. But why should i? Pokémon GO being the best mobile games of 2016 (without any questioner) doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to write about it in 2016. Unless you’ve lived 2016 in Mario’s dungeon’s you must know that Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game based on real life location mapping. The game was initially released in July 2016, the game is equally praised and criticised. The game has all the basics covered to make it perfect treasure-hunting experiences.

The main appeal of the Pokemon Go is how being out in the real world, searching for other people who see can also what AR can do now, even if those all occur outside of the game itself and care to imagine what it is going to do next.

3. Real Football
Well, though the name of the game is Real Football, but many of the features included in the App Packages seem unreal to me. First of all, this is a game made by Gameloft itself, so there is no question in quality. Then this is a fully free to play the football game with the option of building your own team and develop your own training facility. Well, everything seems right on the place where they should be, right? No, it’s not. Unlike many other Gameloft games, the size of the game is only 20 megabytes! I don’t have any idea how they can manage to insert features like 3D stadiums, detailed textures, multiple camera viewing inside this sort of package!

As the game progresses, your ability of efficient playing will improve. The game will give you the option of including Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centers and Youth Camp in your sports arena, all of which will be reflected in your team’s performance. Want to take a break from all these? The game also has fantasy team manager too!

The most interesting thing is that you'll be able to recruit top players via lottery. However, there is one thing missing in this game and that is the possibility of placing few bets on the matches like we do in real life. Just imagine if you had real odds for every game or tournament played. You know, there are many betting websites that can give you their offers and if you are playing with cash it will be pretty sweet to actually win. Alternatively, you can stake virtual money and you'll be able to upgrade the players or their experience. What do you think?

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