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May 22, 2017, New York, NY — New national lifestyle publication SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked ( debuted today, offering readers an inside guide to their city’s best bars, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, travel destinations, cultural trends, and events. Serving as a personal concierge to the hottest new drinking + dining experiences, attractions, and happenings in town – and when, why, and how to make the most of them – highlights include comprehensive and quick-hit guides to the best bets your city has to offer; detailed insights from leading experts that can help you live like a local; exclusive handpicked events and live experiences; and a vibrant calendar of events that you can export to Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s iCal, or Google Calendar to enjoy months’ worth of entertainment on-demand.

A luxury lifestyle publication designed for metropolitan readers looking to enjoy the best their city has to offer – or rediscover all the hidden gems hiding in their backyard – SELECT is specially crafted to quickly offer readers an insider’s view of the hottest tickets in town. Through a combination of articles, videos, podcasts, media programming + live events, the magazine (which fans in initial debut city St. Louis, MO can now enjoy at provides a fresh look at what’s happening around town in a smart, fun, and quickly digestible format, letting readers know where to find all the best hotspots to hit and when, and how to stay ahead of the latest trends. New cities that will be added in the coming weeks include New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, Nashville and Atlanta.

Fans looking to live like a local can further tune in to enjoy leading trendsetters’ top picks in several categories including food, fashion, movies, music, bars, shopping, entertainment, events, and more – and follow these experts to receive ongoing advice and tips on everything from creating incredible weekend plans and entertaining guests to planning the perfect date night. A number of live events and curated experiences – e.g. exclusive one-of-a-kind dinners, private shows, and celebrity meet-and-greets – are also planned.

Want to know where to find the best cocktails, steak, or sushi in town? Which themed happy hours you can’t miss? Who’s running a must-see pop-up event, or holding karaoke, themed trivia, or heavy metal brunch each week? Where to grab a special five-course tasting menu or celebrate the holidays with a BBQ or luau on the back patio? Which bars and dance clubs are the best to hit when you want to take in live music or really cut loose? SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked – designed to help you live like a local, and get to know the hottest new trends in food, drink, fashion, culture, technology, arts, entertainment and more that are sweeping the nation – is the place to turn.

“The fastest way to get to know any city and live like a local, SELECT: Your City’s Secret’s Unlocked puts all the tools you need to quickly get the scoop on your city’s best bets – and enjoy life to the fullest – right at your fingertips, says Scott Steinberg, founder and CEO. “If you’re looking for the best bars, restaurants, events or places to hit in your town, look no further – your adventure begins here.”

About SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked™

A premiere luxury lifestyle publication, SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked™ is an inside guide to your city’s best bars, restaurants, events, attractions, and shopping + entertainment options. Covering food, fashion, nightlife, travel, culture, music, movies and more, the magazine gives you all the tools you need to discover the top hotspots in today’s most celebrated locales – and live like a local. Audiences can tune in regularly for expert picks and recommendations from today’s top trendsetters, and quickly discover how to plan the perfect day, weekend, or escape faster and easier than ever before. Founded by Scott Steinberg, one of today’s most celebrated futurists and trends experts, SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked™ is a production of HOW Media LLC.

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