Top 10 Gig Economy Apps To Make Extra Money

As most of the world transitions from a production-based economy to a service-based economy, gig economy apps have become a new way to find and make a little extra scratch on the side. Check out this list of these top ten apps that will help you make money with a side hustle.

10. Eatwith

Eatwith connects aspiring chefs with those who want to have a good meal by allowing chefs to plan and prepare dinners for guests. It is like the Airbnb of meals, as you get a chef-prepared meal in the chef's home. Eatwith vets all their chefs before they are approved to use the service, so you can guarantee you are going to get a quality meal.

9. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for anyone who makes hand-made goods. It does not matter if you crochet, woodwork, make soap, whatever your hobby if it produces an item you can sell it on Etsy. You will need at least ten items to open a store on Etsy, but it is the best online marketplace for selling your hand-made items.

8. Rover

Stop leaving your canine friend at home alone while you are at work all day with the Rover dog-sitting app. It connects you with vetted sitters in your area and allows you to book your favorite sitters with just the touch of a button. For dog sitters and walkers, it can dramatically increase the number of job offers you receive.

7. Soothe

Nothing works better to help you relax than a massage, but making time for visiting the massage parlor can be enough to negate the relaxation. Soothe solves this problem by hooking you up with licensed massage therapists who are willing to come to your home for the ultimate relaxing massage.

Top 10 Gig Economy Apps To Make Extra Money

6. Fiverr

Fiverr's unique premise is that you can post micro-jobs for just $5. Some examples include voice actors for video and other media, graphic design work, and programming and website help. It is a robust marketplace filled with gig economy professionals who are willing to work for a nominal fee.

5. Dolly

There's nothing worse in the world than moving, but Dolly aims to make that easier by connecting people who have trucks and can move things with people who need them moved. Instead of turning to a sketchy moving company, consider hiring either a Truck or a Truck & Muscle to get your stuff where it needs to go.

4. Takl

Have a few things around the house that need to be serviced, like a broken gutter or a leaky faucet? You can book professionals to help you with household tasks using the Takl app. One of the main benefits is that you pay what the app says instead of unreliable estimates from contractors.

3. Postmates

Need something delivered quickly? It does not matter if it is restaurant food, groceries, dry cleaning, alcohol, or anything else, the contractors that work for Postmates will get it to you. It is in limited availability across the United States but continually expanding to new markets.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb has turned the hospitality sector on its head as more people opt to stay in homes and guest suites than forking out for an expensive hotel. It operates in all 50 states and connects homeowners with interested short-term renters.

1. Uber

Uber's gig driving service is what sparked the gig economy apps revolution, so it makes sense that it has taken the top spot on our list. Uber operates in hundreds of cities across the globe and provides a safe and reliable alternative to traditional taxi services by employing vetted drivers who have passed secure background checks.

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