How to promote your mobile app for increased search rate: Gear up your mobile app marketing game

In this turbulent marketplace, having a strong marketing plan in place is very important. As soon as the recent headlines caught fire showing the apps in Google and Apple stores have reached above 5 million, app developers and app marketing companies have opened the throttle to devise workable strategies proactively and capture the market at large.

This fact means that now people not only have to come up with an excellent and efficient app, but also place tireless efforts into making the app accepted by masses and stand out amongst competitors. The fact that your app is present on the app stores doesn’t guarantee that people will download it. You need a strong and long-term mobile app marketing strategy so that people can easily find you. We have carefully jotted down tried and tested ways of mobile app marketing that will help your app become recognizable. These are:

- Appropriate selection of the app store
Usually all app developers release their app in either Google Play and Apple stores. Distribution in the Apple store is a bit costly and would cost you $90/month whereas Google Play charges $25 registration fee and 30% of the list price from all sales. There are a number of other and cheaper alternatives to Google Play and Apple store such as Amazon Appstore, GetJar, Appolicious, etc. Before deciding on the app store, consider the regions you would like to serve.

Android mobile app marketing

- Optimizing keywords
At the core of mobile app marketing lies excellent and workable placement of keywords to ensure your app pops up after the most relevant search requests. It is wise to spend a lot of time in skimming appropriate keywords and then placing those keywords in the app profile. When an app ranks higher in the app store optimization (ASO), your app is most likely to appear before the user.

- Attractive profile
Having an amazing app description is very important in terms of optimizing the app store and enhancing the user experience. Elaborate briefly to the visitor what your app is all about and highlight the main capabilities that the app possesses. Marketing mobile apps online is not as simple as it looks, the logo must be designed simply, stylish, chic and memorable. Including screenshots describing the whole app experience can also prove to be a selling point. The colors used must be attractive and catch the eye.

- Ratings and reviews
High ratings and good reviews are the keys in mobile app marketing to skyrocket the charts and climb up the rankings ladder. It is imperative to ask users to rate your app, their overall experience and write a short review about your product. The customers of today rely a lot on first-hand reviews and having reviews and ratings helps them trust the app. Providing the user something in return, such as, free one-time content or virtual lives will increase your chances of getting quality feedback back.

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