Top Apps by Android to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

If you consider yourself an addict to your smartphone, unable to leave your phone even when you are visiting with family and friends, there are apps that can help. App developers are now providing specialized applications that were designed to stop usage of smartphone devices. These apps will track and limit your dependence on your mobile device, helping you to focus more on what’s important, be it work, family or friends. Find a few app selections below to start the process.

Space—Break Phone Addiction
This interactive application works to assist users to keep track of usage. The app has a ton of features that can be customized as well as functionalities that will help you break the addiction to your mobile device. Set and change daily usage goals as you see fit. View usage of your device and find patterns along with information found in the history section of the app. There are also notification blockers, screen dimming, and space-time to help with usage needs.

The features of this app can truly help Android users break their addiction. Create a personalized program based on your usage, including personality and habits. Monitoring can be used to determine patterns, tracking progress over a 60-day time frame. Set goals for time spent on the device as well as a number of unlocks available.

QualityTime—My Digital Diet
This is another great option for cutting down on screen time. With this app, users can easily track phone and app usage in real time. Total screen unlocks, weekly and daily summaries can be accessed. Set alerts and breaks when the device is overused to help break the smartphone addiction.

QualityTime tries to make the usage of the app fun and engaging. The app includes an easy to navigate timeline for learning more about regular usage. Create a device usage alert which includes screen unlock and usage time, including a usage time alert for apps. Easily set an alert so that you can shut off an app after too much screen time. Plan scheduled breaks via the app so that you can take a break to spend less time on your smartphone device.

Keep Me Out
If you really need help staying off your smartphone device, this app is the right option for you. The application was designed as a powerful option to helping an individual to spend more time with family and friends and less time on their device. While using the app, the device can still be used to make, or answer calls as well as access widgets, even if the screen has been locked.

This app is an excellent option for individuals who need to stay off their device and focus on work. With the app, users can lock themselves out of the device for a set time period. Stay focused by being unable to access games or social media, spending more time focusing on work or the people around you.

Using a smartphone too much often results in an individual being called anti-social. With the new Anti-Social application, Android owners will have access to useful tools that will help to manage, block and control the usage of the device. Normal usage is better understood while distractions are minimalized. The app uses less battery life while still providing quality data for users.

By using any of the above apps, you will be able to spend less time on your phone, being more productive at work or spending quality time with family and friends. Give an app a try to see your usage and how you can cut back on screen time usage.

Author Bio:
Charles Watson is a freelance writer who specializes in health and addiction. Currently, he is publishing work for Sunshine Behavioral Health. He can be reached directly on Twitter at the handle @charleswatson00.

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