Which iPhone Is Best For Photography?

Are you crazy for photography with iPhone? Want to know which iPhone is best for photography and why? If so, the following article is for you. Here I am going to discuss which iPhone has the best camera feature and why you should buy it.

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The Apple iPhone is the most innovative and versatile smartphone across the world. It features almost everything that you want in a dream phone. One of the biggest things an iPhone has is camera that is offered for taking decent photos. Experts say that iPhone camera is what makes the iPhone perfect for photographers of all levels. For those who simply want to catch a quick memory to share with others, the built-in camera will do just fine. Nevertheless, the iPhone camera is also blessed with advanced capabilities (panoramic shots, close up shots, dual-tone flash shots, and HDR photos) that enable any modern photographer to captures any scene anywhere.

Apple continues to make improvements to the cameras found on its newest products, and in recent years it has added DSLR lens, optical image stabilization, and portrait lightning which make the iPhone camera is the best.

Apple iPhone X- The Best Camera iPhone of the Year
The Apple iPhone X is a real masterpiece that has the best camera out of any other smartphone currently on the market. Though it holds a similar dual-12 MP camera (wide + telephoto) as the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, the only difference which makes it superior is that the telephoto sensor of the iPhone X has been updated with optical stabilization and new wider f/2.4 lens- that means even in darker conditions you can be sure that your photo will look superb. However, the wide-angle sensor has the same f/1.8 lens.

Similar to the iPhone 8 Plus, the X model features Sony Exmor RS sensors which ensure the wide-angle camera has a 1.22 µm pixel size and the telephoto camera holds a 1.0 µm pixel size. The new iPhone X uses a new A11 chipset and this makes the phone camera capable of taking real-time image and handling motion analysis (body and face detection). The X model camera also has deep trench isolation technology to provide deeper pixels shots, as well as, offer superb performance in AR.

Here are some advanced capabilities you can use in the iPhone X to capture the best eye-catching photos.
• Use Panoramic Mode
Are you photographing in a light place or with little at all? No need to worry, you just need to use the option of panorama mode. The iPhone X captures 180-degree panoramic photos and it can go up to 60MP or 15,000 x 4,000 pixels. You can take both HDR and telephoto panoramic shots which possess good colour rendering, great stitching, while they don’t have any artifacts, so the captured shots look impressive.
• Use Portrait Mode
The portrait mode with portrait lightning mode is available on both the rear and selfie cameras in the X model. When you activate this mode, the camera starts scanning the scene and recognises the face of your object and then adjusts the tone curve of the face to capture a great shot. Keep in mind you can also adjust the effect after you have taken the picture,
• Use The Grid
The Grid is one of the most significant tools for photography on the iPhone. When you use this mode, the screen is divided into three equal parts using two horizontal and two vertical lines on the phone’s screen. So, you can easily focus on the subject of the photo (Rule of Thirds) while keeping the horizon straight.
• Use the Quad- LED Dual-Tone Flash
The iPhone X supports quad-LED dual-tone flash as well as slow-sync flash. It makes you able to capture a shot which looks so natural and not as vibrant as with regular flash image. The reason is that this flash capability allows some of the ambient light and keeps the shutter open for a bit longer while you take a shot.
• Burst Mode
The Burst Mode works really amazing whenever there is unpredictability or movement inside the scene. You can take a shot of any movement around you, for instance, it may be people moving, a child playing, or a flock of birds, etc. All you need to hold down the shutter button for a second and your iPhone will start capturing photos one after another.
• Use HDR
The day-light camera quality on the X model is really great. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) tool combines different exposures of the same photo to create a better-exposed shot. With the use of multiple frames, HDR mode helps you capture a great image with low noise levels, especially when photographing landscapes.

In short, the iPhone X is absolutely worth to buy if you have passion regarding photography. Although it’s the most expensive smartphone, you can sell iPhone online that you no longer want to use and make some money to invest in the new handset.

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